The questions facing the industry are now two-fold.

(a) When will it be safe again to watch movies sitting cheek-by-jowl in the cinema halls?

(b) Will the audience also come back to the movies?

This depends on

(a) Whether COVID-19 further mutates into a less malignant/less contagious form.

(b) When will maximum vaccination coverage be done for Aam Junta?

It’s indeed worrisome for the industry, since the second wave has devastated the trade and nobody had expected the situation to turn upside down.

But no need to worry now…
Today things can turn around too.
Yes, and this has actually happened !!

Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah has been the force to turnaround and help prosper many struggling studios, production houses and stars. Today, they have already reached upto their next level.

If you are wondering, how…

Without wasting any further time, here’s introducing you to Prolific Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah’s ” 7 Fundamental Signature Approach For Films “.

1.Project / Business Analysis

Here are the BIG questions everyone is asking at various points now, during the pandemic second .

“How do you get from here to there and how long will it take?”

Film Industry is especially curious about ways to “cross the gap from now to new in a single leap.”

An out-and-out GAP & SWOT analysis of your film business can help, for a better grip on, how to take the best steps forward.

2.Business Formation

You have to make your own identity, be it as a film studio or as an artist.

In today’s times, nobody serves you on a platter.

It’s your hard work, your “destiny”.

Luck is very important in the industry.

So if luck favours you, with your hard work and your karma, nothing is impossible.

You have to prove yourself again and again.

But, you can have a few things to help you.

For example, while forming or having an existing film production house / studio, the foundation needs to be bright, propitious, hopeful, favourable, opportune and auspicious.

A favourable foundation can help to formulate and execute strategies in an excellent manner and successfully too.

3.Sales Timeline and Estimated Income

From being allowed to operate at 100 percent to shutting shop, Indian cinemas are struggling with uncertainty once again.

With theatres likely to remain shut throughout for a few more weeks, in most parts of the country, the picture is grim for the entire film industry which bets big on theatrical revenue that forms a major part of a film’s earnings.

All release dates are going to be postponed indefinitely and there will be a fresh calendar unfolding.

Also, OTTs have a limited budget. They had made incorrect strategies in the past year. So, they are being selective. Producers who want to go to OTT want a premium. So, it is difficult to go to OTT as well.

While big films may wait for a theatrical release, medium-scale films will definitely make it directly to OTT. One can expect about 10-15 such Hindi films on OTT in the next three to four months.

Overall, the question in the heads of all big studios, huge films and massive productions are- ” What Will Our Estimated Income / Revenue Be In A Year? ”

The answer today is, they can get the estimated annual or half-yearly income in advance, for the films, productions and projects & this is happening for the first time in the Country !!

Also having Astro directions for the same, can pave the way for a confident approach towards film trade strategizing.


Correct pricing or Budget in case of films, has become increasingly important in the film industry. Since OTTs will not pay much, it’s not wise to make expensive films today when theatres are closed. Some very high budget films are certainly going to lose money, no matter who the star is, if the films are released directly on OTTs.

Through correct and effective pricing, you will be able to understand all the major and minor pain points of the industry like over budgeting, variable costing etc…


Near normalcy or normalcy will come one day…Avers Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah Strongly Feels,
Theatres and that habit of going to theatres to watch a film is not going to go away in a hurry. That’s going to stay with us no matter how many pandemics come and go. The magic of big screen entertainment can not and will not be replaced.

6. Astro Strategy™

OTT platforms have become the go to choice for the audience during the pandemic. In fact, almost all such streaming platforms have seen a marked increase in subscribers since the pandemic hit, and now with no signs of slowing down, OTT has fast become the most viable option not only for viewers but for filmmakers as well.

But, venturing into the OTT domain is not an easy decision. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, from future content on the channel to acquisition to re-negotiating deals for content that have already been locked with other established OTT players.

Also, OTT content and theatrical film content are very different, so it will quite literally be different verticals at all big studios. Given this, OTT is not only a move to capture a new market but will also entail immense investment within a lot of houses.

That’s where Astro-Strategy will come into picture.

Astro-Strategy can help weigh the pros and cons thereby giving clarity, certainty and precision to the film studios and hence the industry .


There is no way yet to make a billion dollars from TV rights and streaming, even off the most loved movie products. Now what happens when you can only manage a limited theatrical release for a big-budget film ? Or if people just don’t come back in the same numbers?

Acute adversity always brings a unique opportunity with it. An opportunity to introspect. An opportunity to make decisions that you may have been postponing.

So, Get Set Now To Take Action.
Action With A Purpose. Real Enormous Action. Massive Action. Astro-Strategic Action.


TV rights or streaming, are not yet as lucrative as good old box office receipts. Even then, there is a way for the industry to progress and prosper today. Through Astro-Strategic Direction, the industry can formulate the best tools and tactics, to achieve the best case scenarios and avoid crushing failures.