Challenges Faced by the Food Industry

1. Procuring enough Capital to start
2. Finding the perfect location
3. Designing the Perfect Menu
4. Emphasizing on your unique selling point (USP)
5. Keep pace with current market trends
6. Understanding the consumer demand
7. Finding the Right Suppliers
8. Hiring, training and Retaining Employees
9. Managing the inventory
10. Maintaining Food Safety Standards
11. Customer service
12. Marketing in the right way and to the right target
13. Managing accounts and analyzing statistics

Generate More Profit For Your Food Business

In the food business, making the right decision with regard to the product that you are investing in makes a world of difference. For the food production, service and supply sector, predicting the pricing trends and agriculture forecast is vital.  Food processors equipped to produce popular products do roaring business. For restaurants, location and the menu selection is everything. Accurately judging the potential for profitability in a certain direction is the key to success in the food business.

With Hirav Shah’s Astro-Strategic evaluation, food business owners can create a rock solid business plan with reliable data on the trends forecast. Good data enables confident decisions and minimises risk.

Food business astrology analysis will also help answer puzzling questions like

Food Business Astrology Makes Your Growth Curve Go Straight Up

The food industry makes millionaires who start from their own kitchens. Producers who select a certain crop variety of technique have a blockbuster season and fantastic rates. Some products in the food industry suddenly catch people’s fancy and fly off the shelves. These products become a gold mine for those producing them as well as those involved in the supply chain. The right food or restaurant business consultant can give you this insight into time periods and trends.

The success rate and turn around time to profit make the industry very attractive to investors and entrepreneurs. Take the guesswork out of the food industry with reliable food business astrology inputs that help you plan with absolute certainty.

Even a cottage industry can ramp up to a national or international brand when the right decisions are made at the right time. Use your energy, effort and capital resourcefully and intelligently for maximum benefit. When you have the right business plan and implement it when the market is supportive of the plan it works. But, neither are markets or business plans static, they are subject to trends.

Food business astrology is the only tool that can tell how the trends will go so that you can be prepared to catch that wave and ride high.

Explore Your Options With Hirav Shah

Hirav Shah gives you the direction and insight that helps unlock the potential that you and your business ideas have. Astrology gives you the most certain guidance that guides you to make the right business moves at the right time.

Hirav Shah helps you make the right decisions. His guidance has been the secret to the success of many leading food brands, F&B Chains and family businesses who leverage the ancient science of astrology for their benefit.

Areas of your food business that can benefit greatly from a food business astrology and Astro-Strategic opinion:


Altering your brand identity for better overall reach and recognition.

Balanced Business Practices:

Ensuring a streamlined and consistent workflow.

Project Analysis

Figuring out the best move forward in terms of project, product, crop or cuisine type.

Unsold Inventory

Understanding why certain products didn’t sell and how best to resolve that concern.

Sales Timelines

Finding the most lucrative timelines and the favourable crop or food type for an increase in sales.

Sales Strategies

Generating strategies that are sure to boost conversions.


Crafting a promotional strategy that improves awareness of your business.

Brand Building

Improving your brand’s overall customer appeal and experience.

Acquisition & Mergers

Understanding which projects from external sources are worth buying over.

SWOT Analysis

A complete teardown of your business practices to analyse what does and doesn’t work.

New Project/Product Launches

Building an effective sales and marketing strategy for a new project or new product launches.

Business Expansion

Analysing market trends to find the best possible route for business expansion.

Project Planning

Crafting a sustainable action plan for all future projects.

The 7 fundamentals Hirav Shah’s Signature Approach

Hirav can outline a food business astrology strategy that gives you the right foundation for a successful business.


The Perfect

Catchy names that are easy for the tourist to remember are all that most tourism businesses consider. However, it is vital that this name has an auspicious numerological and astrological compatibility with your business.



All the partners and high-level administrators should be compatible and enhance each other’s strengths while compensating for any weak points.


Share Percentage

The ideal share percentage ensures that there is always a cordial relationship between the shareholders avoiding any disputes or disagreements later on.


Registered Address & administrative address

The address that is used for all official purposes is very important. It should match the key shareholders and the name of the organisation.


Logo of the

The right logo that conveys your identity and also attracts the right energy is essential.


Web, Print,
Digital presence

When all the public faces of the organisation are in harmony with the purpose and vision, success follows.



All the assets of the brand are harmonised to ensure all-around positivity. This enhances the momentum, attractiveness and success of the venture as a whole.

Strategic Thinking Is The Key To Success

Food producers and retailers world over will agree that proper planning and strategizing for future demand trends is vital to their success. Being confident of what lies ahead is the foundation that business plans and strategies are built on.

An Astro-Strategic analysis is central to this plan. If you know which crop will get the best price this season, or which packaged food product will fly off the shelves, how much more successful will you be? A restaurant consultant who knows which type of cuisine and restaurant is going to be fashionable in the near future can be ready ahead of the trend using restaurant business astrology. This kind of insight and prediction is what puts some people and businesses miles ahead of the competition.

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