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Great advertising promotes businesses and connects with your clients in a real way. An advertising strategist works to convert obstacles to solutions while building a company’s brand identity, convincing the consumers to believe in your product/service and choose it as well. The most common struggle of companies while creating a strategic plan for advertising is to decide on – budget, placement, timing and identification of favourable or unfavourable factors.

With Hirav Shah’s Astro-Strategic opinion, your advertising will reach out to your consumers in an apt and impactful way. Whether digital or traditional media, his advice generates focused results and transforms the graph of success.

Astro Strategy in Advertising will also help answer puzzling questions like

Productive Advertising

Is the combination of Creativity and Astro Strategy

Every business reaches out to its consumers with marketing and advertising as key elements to achieve sales. The performance, execution and success of their strategies are calculated in advance with Astrology.
It gives you an insight on how to proceed, when to proceed and where your goals can be accomplished. Ensuring the delivery of a favourable outcome after strategic planning and utilizing your resources to full potential is the specialty of Hirav Shah.
As an advertising strategist on your team, Hirav Shah is a thread that binds all the vital components together and directs the full strength of action towards the right direction in achieving desired results.

Explore Your Options With Hirav Shah

No matter your business query, Hirav Shah will guide you towards making smarter decisions. His strategy and consulting services have helped leading brands and businesses formulate successful growth and expansion plans based on astrological analysis.

Aspects of your Advertising Strategy that can benefit greatly from an Astro-Strategic opinion

Campaign related decisions

Complete guidance on the direction, medium and goals of advertising identifies obstacles at an early stage and provides solutions.

Budget related decisions

Planning advertising budget, price setting and tactics utilizes your resources to maximum potential

Time related decisions

Initiating and promoting the advertising campaign at the right time can avoid hurdles and ensure smooth operations.

Audience related decisions

Targeting the right consumers whether selective, intensive or exclusive can save resources and reach goals faster.

Tone of delivery

Advertising that is in line with the tone of your brand attracts trust and belief while increasing sales for your company.

Impact and Communication

Delivering the right message keeps your clients connected and builds engagement

Clarity on advertising niche

Advertising on suitable media, digital or traditional platforms, steers you towards success.

Certainty of Success

The advance knowledge of the timeline and efficacy of results of a strategy ensures powerful growth with certainty.

The 7 fundamentals Hirav Shah’s Signature Approach

Hirav can outline a strategy that gives you the right foundation for a successful business.

Here’s the 7 step strategy Hirav uses to help his business clientele.


Name of the

Helps you name the organization in an auspicious way that is numerologically and astrologically compatible with your business.



Checking the compatibility, strength and weakness of all partners and administrators


Percentage of shares of all partners

Each partner share should be correctly balanced to avoid disputes and disagreements later on.


Registered Address & administrative address

It should be astrologically compatible with the name of the organization and key people of the company


Logo of the

Help you create and finalize the right logo that exudes your values and attracts the right kind of energy.


Web, Print,
Digital presence

Help ensure that your digital, print, marketing collateral are aligned in harmony with your purpose and vision.



Ensure that your entire Brand assets is auspicious for the company and has a positive impact on team morale.

Certainty is the Key to Success

Business owners worldwide know that the key to a sustainable and profitable business plan is being aware of what lies ahead. Having certainty of potential outcomes for every plan of action will help reap rewards for your business.

An Astro-Strategic analysis is central to this strategy. Just imagine if you get to know the general timeline in advance for when your properties will be sold out?! Wouldn’t it be amazingly helpful for you? You can adjust your mindset easily and accordingly, you can make strategies and take actions.

Realise Your Business Dreams

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Transformation Stories

Hirav Shah Can Provide Astro-Strategic Guidance For

Send your Business/Project details and see if Hirav Shah is able to take you on as a client for strategic guidance.

  • Real Estate Developers, Builders, Architects and Infra Industry
  • Education Institute, Universities, Educators
  • Restaurants owners and Food Industry
  • Motel owners / Hotel/Motel Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Automobile and Cycle Industry
  • IT and E-Commerce Industry
  • Start-ups
  • Entertainment, Movies, Beauty, Media, PR and Events Industry
  • Health, Pharma and Medical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Jewelry and Bullion Industry
  • Fashion and Clothing Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Consulting Companies
  • Telecom Industry
  • Financial, Banking and Insurance Industry Sports Industry

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