Hirav Shah on Channelling your energy towards success

Who is Hirav Shah?

Why earn less, when you have the potential to earn more?

Hard work, talent and luck may be crucial for any business to thrive. But even if you have all that going for you, it is essential to be fully aware of every move you make, and if those moves are leading you towards assured success in your business venture. This is where an astro-strategist proves to be of great help. Hirav Shah’s unique practice mixes the fundamentals of Astrology with Business Principles, thereby opening more doors of opportunity for your business.

Hirav Shah has an astounding global presence with clients based across various business sectors. He is a big believer in taking massive action and has formulated strategies to help some of the world’s leading brands make the right strategic bets based on certainty of outcome. From business setup and expansion to crisis and exit, he can give you a strong astro based analysis on where to apply leverage and where to cut losses.

The Hirav Shah Advantage

For any business to be successful, the key focus should be on developing a strong foundation. With Hirav Shah’s guidance, you can ensure that your bases are covered

With astro-strategy, you can answer puzzling questions such as:

Will I see success in this business and when?
When should I invite investment into my company?
When should I diversify or get into other products and services?
How do I ensure operational efficiency?
How do I venture into international markets?
What should be my exit strategy?

Have an existing/upcoming project on which you need Astro-Strategic guidance?

Hire Hirav Shah for

  • A consultation: Short term engagement for a goal or campaign
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Hirav’s Approach

Set a clear goal:

Helping you set SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Identify Challenges in Your Path:

A strong understanding of the market landscape and obstacles you will face.

Weigh your options:

Formulating the best tools and tactics to achieve best case scenarios and avoid crushing failures.

Show you the way:

Give you a clear action plan which, when followed diligently, will help you achieve your SMART goals.

Our Services

Transformation Stories

Hear from clients how Hirav’s advice has helped businesses turn their fortunes around.

Future Of Real Estate Sector for Surat In 2021.

Buying real estate in Surat is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but one of the only ways to become wealthy, Says Hirav Shah, Real Estate Strategist, Investment Adviser and Property Astrologer. Also, the Indian real estate sector is the second largest employer after agriculture and trade pundits have stated […]

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Real estate market in Bangalore for 2021

Despite a huge slump in the real estate market during pandemic times, Bangalore has proven its worth by witnessing a mere dip of 5% in realty prices. Real estate trends in the garden city show that the city will bounce back with full force and there will be an increase in both commercial and residential […]

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Indian Cricketer Ishant Sharma Is In His Best Phase Right Now says Sports Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Introduction Cricket requires a fusion of physical and mental strength. The players need to have the stamina to play for hours on the field while trying to figure out ways to outsmart their opponents. Several players have represented the Indian cricket team at the world stage and have performed and become stars, Says Hirav Shah, […]

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Hire Hirav Shah for A consultation: short term engagement for a goal
or Campaign on a monthly retainer ship: Long term guidance for your firm

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