Healthy habits

Healthy habits help your mind and body perform at a higher level. When you make a habit part of your routine, you’ll automatically stick with it for the long term. For 2023, incorporate these 10 Healthy Habits as suggested by Hirav Shah for your mental, physical and professional well-being.

1. Walk – In a day, walk 7,500 

15,000 steps and do this everyday. Yes, every damn day. Indeed, walking does help and is beneficial for your mental, physical and overall health. To track your movement, Pedometer Apps, Smartwatches or Fitness Trackers can help.
Walking helps you to unwind too.

According to the WHO, 10,000 steps are equivalent to a good 30 minutes of exercise. Various studies show that even 7,500 steps could have immense positive health effects. Find out what works for you.
But, walk. This is the whole thing.

2. Work out 

Work out thrice in a week. You can work on your athletic goals and track your development, with three workouts a week. This frequency also assures enough recuperating time.

3. Eat Healthy

Make healthy eating the default. Do away with the junk food and make balanced, healthier foods your go-to. As soon as you have done so, sugar cravings and ravenous appetite attacks will become “recent history”.

4. Drink

No, it’s not alcohol or soft drinks. They don’t count here. Not at all. Drink enough water. Easier said than done, right…!

How much water you should be drinking depends on your activity levels, the season, nutrition, and other factors. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day is a good guideline.

5. Unwind

Unwind. Relax daily. Allow your “own self” some time off. Who is asking you to perform all day ! You do not have to do that. Even small breaks in everyday life, a few conscious breaths, 30 minutes of exercise or a short power nap will help you live through high demands.

Negative physical effects associated with excessive stress levels, will also deplete due to daily relaxation. Definitely a plus for your health, isn’t it.

6. Sleep

The health consequences of not getting enough sleep can be immediate and long-term. Sleep deprivation can interfere with work, driving and social life. The capability to learn, focus and react, can also be affected. It can also lead to feelings of irritation, crankiness or anxiety, and potentially even cause long-term health damage. And, sleep deprivation is an intensifying problem.

Restful sleep is the foundation of your health. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep. Stick to your sleep routine. In 2023, give sleep an utmost importance.

7. Meditate

Meditate daily because it builds a positive habit both on a conscious level and more deeply inside. The deeper level is largely beyond conscious control or will power, and can only be developed over time through regular practice.

Wanting to ‘get results’ is usually counterproductive. You can’t ‘get results’ because meditation outcomes are not things like a pizza or a new car, but rather states of being that emerge into our awareness in their own time and place. Just do the practice daily when you can, and be patient – the results will take care of themselves.

CEOs, managers, and top athletes use meditation to better focus on their goals, productively deal with stress and their mental health, reflect on their beliefs, and go through life more calmly.

8. Digital Detox

In 2023, switch off for spiritual maintenance. Exchange your online distractions for real-life “devotion.”

Treat yourself to a little digital detox. Time without a screen – including your phone and smartwatch – is soothing to the soul and better for your overall health. It brings you back to the moment and gives you the opportunity to be present. Choose a few minutes a day when you decide to switch everything off and consciously do something analog for yourself.

Each time you step back from the clutter of the online world, you will be amazed how much time is freed up to declutter your real world.

9. Be Happy High

Fundamentally, humans always seek out optimism. But in the world we live in, where there has been an amplification of comparison, there is a greater need for a daily shot of positivity. It’s a rubber band effect. Be happy high in 2023.

Be high on happiness and positivity. Be high on contentment and confidence.

10. Develop Millionaire’s Success Habits

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It doesn’t matter where you come from. It only matters where you are and where you want to go. The whole is “Take advice from only the top most people of that particular field”.

Somebody who is successful and who has seen all and been all and now is an accomplished personality, a successful person. Going to victorious and triumphant people and getting their advice and suggestions are “millionaire’s success habits” and in 2023 develop these habits and these are also “real healthy” habits for 2023 as per Eminent Astro-Strategist Cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah.

Final Thoughts

Last thing is, “stay positive”. While it doesn’t mean that you should pretend that nothing has gone wrong. On the contrary, failures are part of life and can be felt and embraced. But being thankful for the small things helps you to focus on the good things in life-Concludes Hirav Shah, India’s Most Influential Business Advisor and Strategist.