Hirav Shah

His mantra is very simple :
Why earn less when you have potential to earn more”

Hirav is a global citizen who travels the world from his base in Western India. He is highly sought-after as a top adviser within the worlds of Entertainment, Corporate Business, Sports and Politics.

His work has touched the lives of top entertainers from Hollywood to Bollywood, Also famous athletes in both the USA and India. High Net Worth  business leaders routinely seek his advice as well as Hirav is able to apply his proven techniques to businesses as well as people, and last but not least he also consults with political parties and leading politicians who are seeking advice and counsel.

His work is very low profile, always confidential in nature and he builds trust and rapport with his clients as he works with them one on one in person, or by phone.

Hirav Shah provides his most of the time to help people FREE OF COST who has tremendous potential yet at the same time battling in professional life. He just charges from who needs to go from A to B.

He generally endeavors to give Moral Support, Strategic Support and obviously Astrological support to everyone with whom he is working.

GROW as a way of achieving goals and solving problems



Your Goal is the end point where you want to be. The goal has to be defined in such a way that it is very clear to you when you have achieved it.


The Current Reality is where are you now? What are the issues, the challenges, how far are they away from their goal?



There are Obstacles stopping you from reaching your goal. Hirav finds Options of dealing with them if you are ready to progress.


The Options then are converted into action steps which will take you to your goal. These are the Way Forward.

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