Story of Hirav’s Emergence in Astrology

Hirav’s knowledge and passion in astrology goes back to his college days where he practiced palmistry to give astro-advice to colleagues. Thereafter he started his own IT company employing over 30 professionals. But things changed in 1999, when his ailing mother became his priority. In and out of hospitals for over 3 years, Hirav struggled to keep his head above the water as his mother kept slipping into a coma. While funds and hope seemed to be diminishing, nothing was going in the right direction. It was then, he began practicing Astrology for his mother’s recovery. Within 3 months, she became hail and hearty again.
The incident inspired Hirav to devote himself full time to business astrology. Hirav did not seek to be involved in personal astrology; rather he wanted to share his story with the world and bring others out of career or professional difficulties. His first successful undertaking was for a hotelier who desired confidentiality. Hirav achieved an increase in occupancy for his rundown hotel to 78% occupancy in just 3 months. Word of mouth worked to Hirav’s advantage and he proceeded to work with tycoons who benefitted in millions and came out of serious predicaments. These massive successes gave him worldwide exposure and a global clientele who thrives under his counsel. Between then and now, Hirav has become unstoppable.

How does Hirav’s past experience bring a new wave of strength to your business or professional strategy?

Timeframe of Success

Is as important a factor as the Goal itself

One of the biggest components of a strategy is the timeline. Right from when to start building the plan to when execution is done, timing plays a vital role in making success possible.
The famous mantra of Hirav Shah is, “Give me 6 months of your life and feel the difference”. Success is hardly an overnight journey.
Hirav Shah specializes in making use of all the factors and resources to their maximum potential. Discussing all the aspects of your life and business is just the beginning as he then proceeds to analyze and give you astro-strategic advice to optimize your decision making. He enhances your luck and good fortune with the principles of Astro-science.

Explore Your Options With Hirav Shah

No matter your business query, Hirav Shah will guide you towards making smarter decisions. His strategy and consulting services have helped leading brands and businesses formulate successful growth and expansion plans based on astrological analysis.

Key Factors of a Business or Individual that Lay the Foundation for Success


Acquired skills and natural talent are internal driving factors that propel you forward

Hard Work

There are no shortcuts to our goals. Determined hard work is the price one pays for success.

Smart Work

Proper planning, organization and prioritization of tasks make the best results possible.


Half of the race is won with the right attitude itself. Negative thoughts, self doubt and bad habits are hindrances.


A plan of action is the path for success. Design the roadmap with the best marketing, advertising and sales strategies.


Knowing how and when to carry out a plan or strategy avoids roadblocks and ensures smooth delivery .


Success is a multiplication of all the factors. If luck in any equation is 0, then the result is 0. Astrology is the science that helps you ensure the stars and planets are in your favour.

The 7 fundamentals Hirav Shah’s Signature Approach

Hirav can outline a strategy that gives you the right foundation for a successful business.

Here’s the 7 step strategy Hirav uses to help his business clientele.


Name of the

Helps you name the organization in an auspicious way that is numerologically and astrologically compatible with your business.



Checking the compatibility, strength and weakness of all partners and administrators


Percentage of shares of all partners

Each partner share should be correctly balanced to avoid disputes and disagreements later on.


Registered Address & administrative address

It should be astrologically compatible with the name of the organization and key people of the company


Logo of the

Help you create and finalize the right logo that exudes your values and attracts the right kind of energy.


Web, Print,
Digital presence

Help ensure that your digital, print, marketing collateral are aligned in harmony with your purpose and vision.



Ensure that your entire Brand assets is auspicious for the company and has a positive impact on team morale.

Confidence & Clarity form the Deepest Roots of Success

Steering forward in the right direction with a winning attitude is essential to succeed in any profession or sector. But when growth flatlines or struggles ensue, it becomes difficult to stay positive especially when uncertainty prevails. Hirav Shah’s unique Astro-strategic vision makes the possible timeline of success known. His opinion helps in taking over the challenges head on and utilizing the resources wisely to gain maximum advantage.

This certainty of success fuels confidence and ensures your potential wins the battle and powers ahead of the competition. Of course, an added bonus of working with Hirav Shah is confidentiality!

Realise Your Business Dreams

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Transformation Stories

Hirav Shah Can Provide Astro-Strategic Guidance For

Send your Business/Project details and see if Hirav Shah is able to take you on as a client for strategic guidance.

  • Real Estate Developers, Builders, Architects and Infra Industry
  • Education Institute, Universities, Educators
  • Restaurants owners and Food Industry
  • Motel owners / Hotel/Motel Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Automobile and Cycle Industry
  • IT and E-Commerce Industry
  • Start-ups
  • Entertainment, Movies, Beauty, Media, PR and Events Industry
  • Health, Pharma and Medical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Jewelry and Bullion Industry
  • Fashion and Clothing Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Consulting Companies
  • Telecom Industry
  • Financial, Banking and Insurance Industry Sports Industry

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