How to breakup with someone you love
Reasons to breakup with someone you love
Someone broke up with you?
You are out of love ?
Yes, Hirav Shah talks about broken relationships here…

Quotes on priority in relationship

As priority changes, love changes.

Never love anybody that impacts you like you’re ordinary.

What is love relationship : Sticky bond that keeps a relationship strong

Hirav Shah asks “Who were you before this, before this relationship? And then you had someone come into your life and then, you were happy. It was good. It was bad. Whatever it was, it’s over…isn’t it so”

“Does that mean your life is over?”-Hirav Shah shows concern here.

On that note, Hirav Shah, gives tips here, to handle breakups.

1. Give Yourself a Break

You’ve just been through something disturbing, shocking and damaging…and proper attention must be paid.

A break is what you need. Allow yourself that. It’s okay to give yourself some break from life for a while.

Take a few days off business or off work or off your regular job, if you can. You may indulge in some of your ‘sometimes’ foods. Do what you need to do on your break from the real world, on your vacation from the real world.

Sometimes a break can allow you to look inward so that you get clarity of your next steps ahead. Things Sometimes become crystal clear and hence a “break” is all you need.

2. Thinking Is Allowed But Not Obsession

All of you require time to wallow post breakup, but you should only allow it up until a point. You have to think about the breakup and the relationship reasonably, eventually.

Reasons are there as to why it didn’t work, and whether they were good ones or not, you need to accept them. It’s time to ponder rationally about them and know that things wouldn’t be better, if you were still together, if you weren’t both happy.

3. Space, Space, Space

Give yourself space. You simply have to give yourself time away from each other, even if you guys decided to remain friends. If you don’t, one of you is bound to get impaired further, and you’ll have to deal with two pitiable melting pots.

Hirav Shah firmly says-Actually, one is more than enough. Give yourself an opportunity to get over the person. You don’t want the other party to take something the wrong way. In addition to making the process of healing easier, it will also give you a better shot at being friends later down the road.

Final Thoughts

If you had to face a really massive break up, just think…

Does that mean your life is over !
Does that mean, it’s the end of the world for you !

It’s the end of one miniscule part of your life…
It’s the end of one little part of your world.

“You still have a whole beautiful world ahead of you. Keep your eyes open. Look and believe and have faith”- Concludes Hirav Shah.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop hurting post a breakup?

Look for an outlet, relax and be patient.

Who hurts more after a breakup?

Reporting higher levels of both physical and emotional pain, women tend to be more negatively affected by breakups.

How do you let go of someone?

Give precedence to self-care, forgive and embrace acceptance.