Hirav Shah on Leveraging hard work, talent & luck for Success

The Hirav Shah Advantage

What is the process to achieve a desired outcome in business?

One of the major struggles of businesses is that despite having resources at hand, they are unable to reach their desired goals. Much of the time and energy gets wasted in re-strategizing their efforts to meet short team needs. The bigger picture and larger achievements remain out of sight, but not out of mind. This is where an Astro Strategist plays an important role. Utilizing all the factors of success – talent, hard work, smart work, mindset, strategies, execution and luck, Hirav Shah transforms the business’s direction and leads them to their true success.
With his vast experience working with businesses of various sectors and understanding of Astrology principles, Hirav Shah provides the ‘Triple Thread’ of support – strategic, moral and astrological. He is frequently consulted by leading corporates and ranks among the best business astrologers, strategists and consultants in India, USA, Canada and UAE. Taking his advice on matters such as business set up or expansion, timing of strategies, branding and investments gives the advantage of certainty in achieving planned objectives.

Reach Goals with Certainty

A strong foundation is essential for a successful business venture. Hirav Shah’s addition to your team ensures a powerful and secure base to build your dreams.

With astro-strategy, you can answer puzzling questions such as:

Is this the right business idea to take forward?
Will my company see success and when?
When should I seek investment for my business?
When should I diversify?
How do I operate to utilize my resources to full potential?
When and how should I expand my business?
How can I modify my existing product/service to prompt better sales?

Hire Hirav Shah for

Have an existing/upcoming project on which you need Astro-Strategic guidance?

● A consultation: Short term engagement for a goal or campaign
● On a monthly retainership: Long term guidance for your firm

Steps to Gain Advantage

Ensure a strong advisory team:

The 3 key advisors behind every business decision (Your Chartered Accountant, Your Attorney/Lawyer, Your Astro-Strategist).

Attend to the 7 fundamentals of business:

Business name, partners, share division, compatible registration address, logo, presence (web, print, digital) and brand name.

Analyze regularly:

Monthly GAP analysis & weekly SWOT analysis identifies weaknesses and helps maximize on strengths

Consistent Consultation:

Talking to the advisory team every 2 weeks or before important decisions is essential to devise a clear plan of action.

What will Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah do for me?

Transformation Stories

Hear from clients how Hirav’s advice has helped businesses turn their fortunes around

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