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Like any other industry, success in sports depends on minute to minute decision making and a strong tactical plan. But, there is one more key element that will ensure consistency – establishing a winning mentality in your squad of players. Implementing Hirav Shah’s sports strategy into your game, will give you and your team a much needed boost in confidence, as his methods only ensure the game plan is a winning one.

Sports Industry astrology analysis will also help answer puzzling questions like:

Sports Astrology

Sports Astrology Provides the Winning Formula

If you are passionate about sports and keen to perform to your maximum potential, sports astrology can help guide you towards a more productive way of life where you can do your best. Owners of sporting franchisees and organizations will be given an astro-strategy roadmap on where and how to invest their finances for boosting their ventures. Astrology is the only tool that can provide you the certainty of the results of your actions in advance. And that is how you gain the confidence of execution. You undertake massive actions with the certainty of success. That certainty of execution is exactly what Hirav Shah can deliver – a way to attain momentum. You can tap into more potential and take appropriate actions. Thus, you get the results of your dreams!

Sports astrology is ideal for


  • National & International Level
  • First Class Players
  • League Players
  • University Players
  • Coach


  • Government & Non Government Bodies
  • Sports Committees
  • Sports Managers & Administrators
  • Tournament Designers

League Owners

  • League Owners
  • Team Owners
  • Stakeholders/Investors

Sports-Based Ventures

  • Businesses Endorsed/Owned by Sports Personalities
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Talent Management Companies
  • Sports Equipment Manufacturing Companies

Sports Media

  • Sports Television Channels
  • Sports Magazines, News & Media Houses
  • Sports Marketing Companies

Explore Your Options With Hirav Shah

No matter your business query, Hirav Shah will guide you towards making smarter decisions. His strategy and consulting services have helped leading brands and businesses formulate successful growth and expansion plans based on astrological analysis.

Areas of the Sports Industry that can benefit greatly from an Astro-Strategic opinion

Morale Booster

Building a positive and upbeat atmosphere in the dressing room.

Better Decision Making

Crafting a tactical game plan that ensures a win in every game.


Building the team’s identity through a visual appeal and mission and vision statement.

Team Management

Establishing a pre-match tactical plan based on the talent pool available.

League Management

Ensuring smooth functionality of a sports league.

Brand Collaborations

Building relations with fans through brand tie-ups


Effectively promoting a sport franchise through media platforms.

Business Expansion

Analysing market trends to find the best possible route for business expansion

Talent Hunting

Building a strong team roster with the right kind of talent.

Market Forecast

Predicting the best possible times and moments to set up match-days.

Hirav Shah’s Signature Approach The 7 fundamentals

Hirav can outline a strategy that gives you the right foundation for a successful business. Here’s the 7 step strategy Hirav uses to help his business clientele.


Name of the

Helps you name the organization in an auspicious way that is numerologically and astrologically compatible with your business.



Checking the compatibility, strength and weakness of all partners and administrators


Percentage of shares of all partners

Each partner share should be correctly balanced to avoid disputes and disagreements later on.


Registered Address & administrative address

It should be astrologically compatible with the name of the organization and key people of the company


Logo of the

Help you create and finalize the right logo that exudes your values and attracts the right kind of energy.


Web, Print,
Digital presence

Help ensure that your digital, print, marketing collateral are aligned in harmony with your purpose and vision.



Ensure that your entire Brand assets is auspicious for the company and has a positive impact on team morale.

Fuel the Potential to Win

Every successful athlete and franchise owner builds a team with one goal in mind – the desire to win. Every move they make towards reaching this goal is fueled with a positive mentality. That mentality can be built when a game plan assures a certainty of success. Consulting a sports astrologer for yourself as a sportsman or for your entire team will help inspire confidence and improve your odds of winning. A tiny change in your mindset or any variable that puts you off can have a huge impact on your performance. In the cutting edge world of sports, you need to be on the top of your game, astro based sports strategy can make a difference between the championship gold and failure.

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Transformation Stories

Hirav Shah Can Provide
Astro-Strategic Guidance For

Send your Business/Project details and see if Hirav Shah is able to take you on as a client for strategic guidance.

  • Real Estate Developers, Builders, Architects and Infra Industry
  • Education Institute, Universities, Educators
  • Restaurants owners and Food Industry
  • Hotel, Motel Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Automobile and Cycle Industry
  • IT and E-Commerce Industry
  • Start-ups
  • Entertainment, Movies, Beauty, Media, PR and Events Industry
  • Health, Pharma and Medical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Jewelry and Bullion Industry
  • Fashion and Clothing Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Consulting Companies
  • Telecom Industry
  • Financial, Banking and Insurance Industry
  • Sports Industry


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