Power of Victory!

Bring the Force on side of your Party / Leadership with the best Astro Political Strategist

Power of Majority to Victory! Bring the Force on side of your Party / Leadership with the best Astro Political Strategist

● Hirav Shah is one of the best Political Consultants for determining ideal approach of your strategies
● He is a top campaign advisor with a combination of his knowledge of current affairs, analysis of resources and plans.
● Know when, where and how to implement your pre and post Election Strategy for maximum impact
● Revive existing campaigns with a new intensity and remove any friction in your party

“Working as an Astro-Consultant for several political campaigns, Hirav has a positive, influential and international presence”


1. First time candidates & Individual candidate strategies

– From first time political candidates to prominent political figures like,
– Prime Ministers, MLA, Members of Parliament, Congressmen, Senators and Presidential Candidates
– Get clarity on plan of action and strategy ahead
– Get a certain insight and understanding on outcome or result
– Image building, improvement and positive publicity generation
– Analyzing and designing slogans and campaigns around favourable factors

2. Party Strategy pre election

– Assembling a specialized professional staff, with team leaders, & campaign managers that can work in harmony
– Organising beneficial campaign events, activities and Candidate Selection
– Guidance on digital marketing and print media advertising
– Analyzing field research and devising future strategies
– To know and understand the weaknesses of adversaries
– Battling the challenges and attacks from the opposition with diplomacy and success
– Get majority on your side and increase the chances of victory

3. Party strategy post election

– Maintaining the voter sentiment and increasing support
– Selection of candidates for specific portfolios
– Resolve friction or political issues during the tenure and handle opposition
– Building or executing new policies & laws with efficiency
– Successfully engaging in Global politics

4. The War Room Strategy

– Planning and implementation of effectual decisions and activities
– Making the most of resources, managing media and understanding the message behind public behavior
– Seizing any oncoming opportunities to swing election in your favour
– Exit poll prediction and analysis

5. Organisation Politics : Sports Body Politics, Corporate Body Politics, Entertainment Body Politics, Global Organisation Politics

– Survival and victory in the politics of prominent Sports Body, Corporate Body, or Entertainment Body at a National or International level
– Taking decisions, Presidential candidates and election strategies of concerned organisation, garnering support and implementing desired actions.
– Targeted and inspirational marketing, advertising and press release strategy that is perfectly timed and executed

6. Political Life, Journey, Decisions

– Withstand and Flourish in political challenges of any size or impact
– Transition easily through issues, conflicts and making decisions during political career
– Achieve desired goals and discover new possibilities
– Get a timeline based guidance and effective answers

“Vision with Action can change the World.
Working with Hirav Shah has the advantage of gaining effective publicity and amazing accuracy through your strategies.”

Unlock the Answers to your Questions,
Get Analysis of your Election Strategy,

Discuss your political issues.
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