You can’t expect to have a high quality of life, if you don’t make quality decision making a priority- Quotes Popular Astro Strategist™ Hirav Shah.

Quality of life refers to the general well-being of individuals and groups, and it is often measured with health and happiness as major components.

Quality Of Life- Quality of life is subjective and multidimensional encompassing positive and negative features of life. It’s a dynamic condition that responds to life events.

“Quality Of Life” encompasses:

  1. Life satisfaction, which is subjective and may fluctuate.
  2. Multidimensional factors that include everything from physical health, psychological state, level of independence, family, education, wealth, religious beliefs, a sense of optimism, local services and transport, employment, social relationships, housing and the environment.
  3. Cultural perspectives, values, personal expectations and goals of what you want from life.
  4. Not just the absence of disease but the presence of physical, mental and social well-being.

Quality Of Decisions

You make decisions every day, and sometimes many times in a day. Some decisions are more important than others, which you have to prioritize.Decisions are the solution that you get, after critically examining several alternatives, based on some criteria. Decision making is a conscious and human process.

When you make important decisions, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. For example, you should rationalize and understand the problem itself. You need to know the problem you’re solving. You should also set boundary conditions for the solution. Success is often a spectrum so you should set boundaries so that you don’t limit yourself to something that’s impractical or something that’s impossible.

Your decisions should be action-oriented. If you can’t act on your decisions, then it’s a waste of time. You should also be able to respond to feedback once you implement your decision. What looks good on paper or sounds good, may not work when you actually test it in the field.


Famed Business Adviser, Astro-Strategist & Thought Guru, Hirav Shah Uniquely Explains  “How Life-Quality Depends On Quality Of Your Decisions…”

1.By Letting You Acquire Accurate Knowledge

The decision to have an accurate knowledge of your subject is important.

For example, if you are a tax collector and you don’t have the accurate knowledge of the tax rates and the tax laws, your decisions are likely to be wrong most of the time. This will discourage you in taking more decisions in future. If you know your job well, your decisions shall be more accurate and your confidence level would be much better.

2.By Helping You Develop Intuition

Most decisions in the real world are like the problems of mathematics or the case studies of management colleges, where the result / outcome is already known.

In the real world, you would know the correctness of your decisions, only in the future. Hence, you have to make certain assumptions based on your intuition before a decision is taken. You must, therefore, develop intuition by taking a large number of quality decisions and learning from the outcome of each decision by comparing it with the anticipated results. The more your practice, the more you learn and the more developed your intuition shall become.

3.By Allowing You To Take Risks

The most important element of any decision-making is your ability to face the criticism and loss, if the decision leads to failure. Most people are scared of making decisions because they wish to avoid the pain of failure.

You must have the courage to take decisions,  knowing fully well the risks involved in taking decisions and willingly face the consequence of your action. ‘No risk, no gain’ is applicable in all areas of life.

” If you want your quality of life to massively improve, then you gotta take risks someday. Why not today !! “- Quotes Prolific Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah.

4.By Determining, What Brings You Joy ?

What truly brings you pleasure, the kind that goes deep? Is it the balance in your checkbook or when a baby reaches out her hand and offers you a toy? Is it your ribbons and trophies, or is it the rush you get when you are creating or doing something you love completely in your creative zone?

Do you find joy when looking at photos of all the places you want to travel to some day, or looking around at the absolute miraculous beauty of where you are in this moment—like the wildflower sprouting up through a crack in the concrete or the way the sunlight is hitting your kitchen window?

The more you “decide to” focus on what is good about your lives in each moment with gratitude and honor those things that truly bring you joy, the more your joy expands and the better your quality of life gets…

Final Thoughts

The reason that decisions have so much power is because they are YOURS. Many people feel helpless and angry because they believe that decisions are out of their hands.

The fact of the matter is that almost all decisions are in your hands. While it might seem like someone such as a boss, or a partner, or a friend, are the ones making the choice, your acceptance or reaction to that is purely yours.

When you realize that you have this type of control over your fate and your future, you are empowered. You are emboldened, and you are creative in terms of what it will take to achieve what you are setting out to do.

Remember that the quality of your life will always be determined by the quality of your decisions.“- Hirav Shah Concludes…