Buying real estate in Surat is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but one of the only ways to become wealthy, Says Hirav Shah, Real Estate Strategist, Investment Adviser and Property Astrologer.

Also, the Indian real estate sector is the second largest employer after agriculture and trade pundits have stated that the sector is poised to grow around 20 percent over the next decade, Opines Shah, Real Estate Business Astrologer™.

Budget’s Assistance

The real estate sector comprises four sub sectors – housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial.
Realty is considered to be one of the nation’s most crucial economic engines, which is why the sector has welcomed the investment push by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her Budget 2021.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has been granted Rs 54,581 crore in the Budget 2021

Property and Real Estate Astrology

Saturn is the task master of the zodiac. He stays in one house for 2.5 years. He rules real estate and the construction sector. A strong sub-period of Saturn operative in India’s horoscope till first week of July augurs well for the growth of the real estate sector. The construction industry is likely to see faster growth as delayed infrastructure and real estate projects are likely to be completed. With strong Mercury in India’s chart, the demand for the commercial real estate segment is likely to shoot up during July-August.

Further, planets have a significant role to play in the purchasing of property. For instance, the Moon enhances the entire aspect of buying or selling a house. Whereas, Mercury governs in an aesthetically pleasing house. In addition, Jupiter rules over how big or small the house will be. On the other hand, Venus governs over the beauty of the place. Thus, the position of these planets rules over what type of house you can have in your lifetime.

Favourable Time Period- March 10 to March 20, 2021

Real Estate in Surat is spearheading growth recovery today, Quotes Hirav Shah.

So, if you are a property investor/ developer , searching for investment opportunities in India, that will provide you a decent return and a consistent and steady income in 2021 and the years ahead, then port city of Gujarat, Surat is the right destination for you, wherein you can invest your capital and resources into, Opines Hirav Shah, Real Estate and Property Astrologer.

Real Estate Future & Trends, In Surat

The Surat real estate market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. This is mainly due to the fast pace of development that the major cities of Gujarat have witnessed. Being one of the three major nodes for infrastructural, financial, manufacturing and business development, Surat’s realty market has benefited immensely indeed.

Newer business investments and the advent of several townships and corporate conglomerates have led to huge demand for both residential and commercial properties alike. The Surat real estate market is now estimated to be flourishing by almost 8-10% every year and industry experts estimate similar figures for the last four to five years which gives an insight into Surat’s staggering progress. The real estate market has done fabulously well when it comes to residential properties but of late, there has been a subtle shift to commercial properties in the market. Demand levels have gone up considerably for the latter in the last few months. Commercial property plans and proposed complexes occupy almost 1/4th of all planned developments in the Surat realty arena.

Despite a tiny slowdown in sales of residential properties, major developers are not really complaining with subsequent demand for office space. According to market experts, increased economic activity in the area has led to the creation of genuine demand for commercial spaces and other complexes. Additionally, experts also list another important factor behind such growth, namely the shift of investors towards drawing guaranteed incomes from their properties by leasing the same and hence such a rapid shift to the commercial segment.

Costs of projects are held to be lower when it comes to developing commercial properties and complexes. As a result, profitability is really high for developers and this has certainly been a shot in the arm for most of the city’s leading realty companies and infrastructure specialists. Commercial property sizes are small and selling them is way easier in comparison to residential units. Additionally, it is not hard to find investors for commercial properties in the Surat real estate market of late. This is because of the propensity of investors towards quicker and guaranteed profits from realty investments.

Best Places To Invest

The most prominent commercial hubs of the city are Begampura, Magob, Saiyadpura and Umarvada. In newly developing localities like Parvat, Dindoli and the Puna-Kumbhariya Road among others, the demand is also on the rise. While Athwalines, Parle Point and areas along the Varacha road too have a good concentration of commercial establishments.


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