Numerology for business names

Numerology can help you in finding a successful business name. However, a lot depends on your vision and marketing strategy. In a competitive world, where everyone wants to succeed and make a name for their business and brand, there is growing interest in brand name numerology and getting a business name as per numerology.

First and foremost, it has to be remembered that you cannot simply add up some letters to form a specific number, and then devise a name. There is no cookie-cutter formula that guides you in this matter. Identify your business’ objectives, what it wants to offer, your target customers, as well as, the personality of your enterprise. Make sure that the name you concoct aligns with the energy of your company.

Obviously, all roads lead to a numerologist; he or she will be able to aid you in your pursuit of success. A professional numerologist will first try to understand your business, your personality and your vision. He or she will then try to find a powerful expression number for your business. The numerologist will then try to understand how you aim to market your product and finally ask you to be patient while the naming procedure is on. In numerology, each number has specific significance and when one is going for numerology for company name or numerology for business, a numerologist will choose which number suits your personal chart the best. Various qualities are attributed to people ruled by different numbers. All of them are considered before a name is locked. Here, you have to remember that you may not achieve success as soon as the company name is registered. Wait and let the magic unveil itself.

Luck also plays an important role in getting success

Astro strategist and business astrologer Hirav Shah uses the Chaldean System for business name creation. It originated in Mesopotamia and has close ties with the Kabbalah and the Vedic system of India. The specialty of this system is that the number 9 is not utilized while calculating the chart as it is considered sacred by the Chaldeans.

When looking for numerology of business names or lucky business names, get in touch with an expert, who can tell you, which name would be the best choice for you, albeit after assessing your profile and your goals.

It has been seen time and again that a powerful business name helps an organisation to thrive amidst competition and sustain itself for a longer period of time. Here, let’s consider two examples as per Chaldean numerology: Google and Facebook. Google adds up to 28 which makes the total number as 1. While, 1 keeps it in the top spot, 28 indicates leadership, teamwork, huge success but also controversies, legal issues, loneliness, etc. While it has retained its monopoly, it has faced multiple court cases. Also, as per numerology, Google will lead for a few more years, before facing hard times.

Let’s take another example, that of Facebook. Facebook adds up to 35 which happens to be a successful number. Once the word The was removed from Facebook, the organisation has seen tremendous growth and success. Numerologically, Facebook will remain in the race for a longer time. However, it will be criticised for lack of respect towards customers, arrogance, inability to take positive feedback, etc. Despite all this, it is quite a task to replace a number 35 from top position.

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