In today’s times, many of our lives are filled with too many smartphone notifications, work pressure and interpersonal issues. Eventually, these tensions are turning as chaotic in the contemporary generation. In order to overcome all the mental stress, room decor helps as a great remedy to relax our mind and brings inner peace, says reputed business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah

While designing a home, things such as paint color to furniture texture and even how our junk is stored must be taken into consideration. To simplify, what we want to do in any room of the home should engage our senses in a way that it should provide peaceful atmosphere and feel peace from external factors to internalize the same peace within us, opinions Hirav Shah

Our home is a safe refuge for us where you can feel comfortable and relaxed when life gets overwhelming. A few decorating choices help to improve that sense of peace, and how you decorate a space at home. Elaborating the concept of home/room decor, Hirav Shah comes up with a few important steps involved in it.

Do not ignore natural lighting

For obvious reasons, sunlight helps as a natural mood booster and proper window hangings can let in more natural light that can offset dark or unnaturally-lit rooms. In the given case, sheer shade can be pulled back all the way to bring in as much light as needed for us.

One can not feel the same under the white glare of fluorescent lighting. Moreover, playing with lightbulb wattage, color, and chosen light fixtures come with dimmers.

Use a neutral color Palette

The color schemes in our homes unsurprisingly can be mood lifters or depressors. Adding to it, a serene color palette for the home should be very pleasing and relaxing. Instead, overly vivid, bright or highly contrasting paint or wallpaper detracts from the vibe and over-stimulates the mind and body.


The scent evokes strong emotional reactions and contributes to the mood of a room. Your relaxing space shouldn’t be near pet areas, the bathroom or the kitchen. Give the space a pleasant fragrance with bowls of potpourri, scented oil diffusers, incense or solid air fresheners. To pick in particular, lavender, rose and vanilla will be widely used as relaxing scents.


It is impossible to relax in a cluttered, dirty or messy space. So, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in your tranquillity room. Clean up, and invest in a few storage boxes or cabinets to hide away craft supplies, clothes, games or whatever needs to be in the room but doesn’t need to be on display. Minimize furniture and accessories and stick to only those things that are comfortable and very useful to enjoy the home atmosphere.

No Electronics

In present days, electronic entertainment and information surrounds you almost every day but is often more stimulating or disturbing than relaxing. Make your tranquillity room an electronics-free zone by avoiding television, smartphone video games and laptop. Invest time to relax with your own thoughts, not the predigested information, sounds or sights of the media.


While visually stimulating electronics take away from relaxation, music promotes it. During your restorative time, listening to your favorite and soothing music helps to bring major relief in your life. Though the tastes vary from person to person, this isn’t the time for fast-tempo dance music, aggressive rock or angry lyrics. Whether you prefer classical, jazz, ambient electronica or mild rock, try using your stereo system or MP3 player to enjoy tunes that put you in a calm and positive frame of mind.

Insert personal accents

Fill your relaxing room with things that are very much important and meaningful to you. Display a few photos of family, pets or a wonderful vacation. Set out the doll you inherited from your grandmother or your collection of treasured animal figurines. But keep the personal accents to just a few especially loved pieces which can bring up good memories and happy thoughts.


By observing the above-mentioned key steps related to a home or room decor, it is evident that the color texture and perfect designs in our home space develop peaceful and relaxing thoughts. In order to witness inner peace and divert the mind towards positive and joyful memories, decor work helps as a great medicine. Considering the benefits of home decor, business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah also recommends to give it a try.