The real estate Housing industry, which was marred by the pandemic, has begun discovering its feet. There have been unequivocal signs of bounce back since the second from last quarter of 2020.

If you are a property investor/ developer, searching for investment opportunities worldwide that will provide you a decent return and a consistent and steady income in 2021 and the years ahead, you will be glad to know that there are loads of potential locations available wherein you can invest your capital and resources into, Opines Hirav Shah, Real Estate Astrologer & Astro-Strategist.

On that note, Mr. Hirav Shah, the Astro Strategist cum Real Estate Astrologer, who has been working closely with many of the leading Developers, Infrastructure, Real Estate Investors and Real Estate giants of India, USA, UAE etc as a Real Estate Strategist, Real Estate Investment Advisor, Property Investment Advisor says Housing Real estate Business is all about timing of purchase, sale and construction of houses.

Hirav Shah’s Astrological Analysis : In Vedic Astrology, the fourth house governs all the aspects related to real estate and immovable property. With the aid of the fourth house, you can enjoy many benefits of buying any kind of property.
When the lord of 4th House and the ascendant planets are in a benefic position in the horoscope, therefore you can enjoy great benefits in real estate. In some cases, the lord of the 10th house and the fourth house make up a quadrant or trine arrangement. It is a favourable boundary wall and yet you can take the bliss of the comfort it offers.

Further, planets have a significant role to play in the purchasing of property. For instance, the Moon enhances the entire aspect of buying or selling a house. Whereas, Mercury governs in an aesthetically pleasing house. In addition, Jupiter rules over how big or small the house will be. On the other hand, Venus governs over the beauty of the place. Thus, the position of these planets rules over what type of house you can have in your lifetime.

Sun, a pride planet and Ketu, a spiritual planet work exactly opposite from the above planets. These planets offer a person a weak home. In addition, the shadow planet Rahu and the slow planet Saturn work towards giving an old house. Mars gives fire to vulnerable houses.

The strong position of Moon offers a great result. Like, a strong Moon can offer you the bliss of a multi-story villa if the Moon and Venus are together in a horoscope. That can also happen if the planets are exalted in the fourth house. The buyer will get a brick house if Ketu and Mars come together in this house. Jupiter gives a wooden house in this house, and a straw hut is given by the Sun.

Considering this, here are the top 5 recommended cities in India wherein you can invest resources into real estate particularly in Housing, that will help you earn benefits in the coming years.

1.Bangalore Housing Market

Favourable Time Period to invest in Bangalore Housing Market :
20 February, 2021 to 10 June, 2021
Housing Investments in this period will not only make profitability easier but also certain.

Advantages of investing in Bangalore Housing Market in 2021:
Bangalore is diverse and attracts a varied resident profile from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, making it home to a unique mix of individuals. Today, this cosmopolitan city has emerged into one of the fastest developing metropolises. Bengaluru has established itself as the nucleus of the Indian IT sector with a total share of 40 percent. The city boasts of a flourishing start-up ecosystem, sound infrastructure, enhanced commercial activities, renowned educational and research institutes, and above all – a proactive government body which strives towards driving growth and development in the silicon city of India.

With an increase in the number of citizens on the lookout for housing units, the city’s real estate demand is witnessing a positive shift. Due to stable realty market conditions, steady price rates and the absence of drastic fluctuations – the market is seen as an ideal destination to invest in. International investors prefer investing in Bengaluru because the city paves the way for lucrative returns while investors gain favourable government policies. Multiple policies have also been designed and established with the sole purpose of attracting foreign investment, giving Bangalore a competitive edge over other cities in India.

2.Jammu Housing Market

Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah’s Guidelines for Favourable Time Period to invest in Jammu Housing Market :
5 March, 2021 to 15 July, 2021.
Investing in this favourable time period is definitely going to set you apart from the rest.

Benefits of investing in Jammu Housing Market in 2021:
The Centre has put Jammu and Kashmir on the real estate map of India by allowing any Indian citizen to buy land in the union territory where non-residents could not buy immovable property until a year and half ago. The changes in land law, which are only for Jammu and Kashmir, are significant as an Indian citizen can now buy urban, or non-agricultural land and property in the UT.

One may consider buying a property in Jammu and some parts of Kashmir as holiday or retirement homes. Jammu is well connected with other parts of the country through rail, road and air, and has well-developed health and other infrastructure as well as established economic activities.
With the centre notifying the new land law, private investment is likely to increase, in times to come. Private investment is a huge catalyst, as it triggers demographic shifts, leading to people migrating for jobs and settlement. It is an established fact that housing demand follows job opportunities and this has been visible in the tier-1 cities of India. The government’s move, hence, could have far-reaching implications on the property market in the region.

3.Lucknow Housing Market

Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah’s Guidelines for Favourable Time Period to invest in Lucknow Housing Market :
25 February, 2021 to 30 June, 2021
You need to Strategize and invest in this time period. Once the timing is right, everything else will follow.

Advantages of investing in Lucknow Housing Market in 2021:
Lucknow is today one of the fastest developing cities in North India and also the hub of many industries, corporate offices, malls, residential spaces and commercial spaces. Due to the rise in the demand, prices of property in Lucknow have risen sharply over the last decade. People who had invested in property are reaping the benefits of a great investment. For the mid-segment buyers, it would be prudent to invest in homes a little further from the prime areas to get profitable bargains.

Lucknow is a very well connected city and has very good road, rail and air connectivity. It is witnessing significant infrastructure growth, including Lucknow Metro, IT City being developed by HCL Technologies, Indian Institute of Information and Technology (Lucknow) and the 1,000-bed Medanta – Awadh super-specialty hospital. All of these combined together have made the city the toast of real estate investment. The city is surrounded by a number of small towns and non-descript hamlets. With its urbanised infrastructure and prospects for employment, it is an attractive destination for the residents of the surrounding districts.

4.Kolkata Housing Market

Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah’s Guidelines for Favourable Time Period to invest in Kolkata Housing Market :
30 March, 2021 to 15 August, 2021
Utilize this ideal period to get a bargain and start a new life in the sun.

Advantages of investing in Kolkata Housing Market in 2021:
Investors should plan to invest in Kolkata real estate after investing in gold because it assures the best and beneficial guaranteed returns. This city is gradually showing the improvement in infrastructure and housing segments. It has a wide range of residential and commercial units that support the bulk population and tenants. There are various factors for which the investors from the country and even from abroad are attracted to the Kolkata Real Estate.

The prices of the land in Kolkata are comparatively low and reasonable as compared to the other cities. The NRIs mostly want to invest in such prices in Kolkata. The investors should choose Kolkata as the places in Kolkata like Rajarhat, Newtown, Tollygunge, and Salt Lake are improving and showing the rapid growth in infrastructural facilities. The convenience lifestyle is being supported in Kolkata only. As there is a growth in commercial industries, it supports many working professionals and tenants. The government has stated different guidelines and laws to maintain transparency between the developers and investors. The construction of the projects and launches of the projects are mandatorily recorded in the government books so that no fraudulent activities can take place. Registration of the projects is mandated by the government and even deliveries of the project are also at a stable line.

5. Surat Housing Market

Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah’s Guidelines for Favourable Time Period to invest in Surat Housing Market :
24 April, 2021 to 10 September, 2021.

Channelize your investing energy towards success.

Advantages of investing in Surat Housing Market in 2021:

Surat, a port city is one of the major industrial hubs in Gujarat. The importance of the city grows with the fact that the flourishing diamond cutting and polishing industry in Surat is the best in the world. With the development noticed in several sectors, the demand on the real estate industry in Surat has increased drastically. The most prominent commercial hubs of the city are Begampura, Magob, Saiyadpura and Umarvada. While Athwalines, Parle Point and areas along the Varachha road too have a good concentration of commercial establishments. There are several IT companies coming up in Surat which enhanced the market.
In Surat, people invest in land for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. Seafronts, riverfronts and lakefronts are the areas where the shipping and industrial birthplace of many cities remain prime locations. Waterfront projects are quite popular in Surat and the demand for such projects are also quite high. It acts as a safe and profitable investment. Buildings in front of the sea have turned out to be a major attraction for people living in Surat.

With Hirav Shah’s Astro-Strategic opinion, real estate developers & investors have always gotten a comprehensive business strategy that has guaranteed them with the certainty of sales for any ongoing or upcoming projects. Real estate Astrological analysis has also helped them answer all their unanswered questions.
Hence, it’s said that – A well guided move will not only make prosperity easier, but also CERTAIN…!”