Celebrate the wins, embrace the losses, maintain a passion for what could be possible- This Should Be Your Life’s Mantra, Says Noted Opinion Leader, Business Adviser, Coach, Strategist and Astrologer.

For all of this, you need to overcome fear first, Says Hirav Shah.

Fear and Insecurity in us are the greatest obstruction to happiness. Fear is the most fearful enemy of the human being! Fear is the byproduct of imagined insecurity.Fear is the physical response to a dreaded insecurity while anxiety is a psychological response.Fear, or so called phobias are not developed in a day but they are cultivated over a period of time. There has to be a long and sustained involvement with the fear producing condition for a sufficient amount of time so that there are permanent changes in the structure of the brain.

Emotions are not to be controlled… it is the underlying negativity that has to be gotten rid of !!!

What do we fear? What are we insecure about?

We fear the unknown… We are insecure about what we cannot control or influence, Says Shah.

Fear and insecurity involve the unknown future…. but the source is, at a lot of times located in childhood or improper family background or continuous unrest in the family or bereavement or any incident or accident, and so on…

Once the fear is established, then there is no looking back. It continues to haunt the individual.

Is There A Chance To “Kick That Fear” ?

Yes, very much…Opines Shah. He explains the same below.

How do you overcome fear?

1.Keep counting all the good things that have happened to you in the course of the day. The first good thing is, our heart is beating without missing a beat. The stomach is digesting, eyes are seeing the world, the body is functioning normally. How many more positive things are possible?

2.Sit quietly and extend thanks to the force that is running your body flawlessly. Close your eyes and think for a while what it is like to be blind. Tie your legs with a rope and see what it is like to be lame. Imagine you are dumb and see how difficult it is to deal with the world.

3.Imagine what would happen if you leave the world just now. Nothing belonging to this world stops, except for the absence of your body, there is no change. It means you are not important. If you were to be important, the world would have come to a halt.

Imagine that you are non-existent now and observe the reaction of the world. How many of them would remember you after six months? Why should you weep for the world which does not weep for you? Why should you weep for the body which is either cremated or buried?

Keep nursing and encouraging such thoughts, you will change the circuits of your mind. You will become fearless.

How To Achieve Goals While Overcoming Fear?

1. Learn To Embrace Roadblocks

Learn to be “welcoming”. Accept yourself.
Embrace the Roadblocks in Your Life Right Now. Be open to opportunity and if things don’t go well, move on!

Successful people discard the myth of overnight success. They aren’t afraid of their slow progress. They don’t get easily discouraged if they have zero views on their articles or videos. They don’t fret on how many failures they have. They know that roadblocks are part of their success story.

Most people rely on their motivation and willpower to sustain them.

It hurts their ego to see that they are being ignored despite their efforts. They feel it is unfair not to get the desired results after putting in the work. They don’t have the stamina to keep running amidst the pain. So they give up not knowing the next phase can be their success.

In every depression or sorrow, seek for the learning experience.

For every challenge, there is an opportunity that awaits behind it if you have a positive attitude.

Focus on results rather than roadblocks. Roadblocks are instruments that signal something better is coming.
That signal,”there is a silver lining amidst the dark clouds” .

2. Stick To Basics And Honour Them

Honor daily fundamentals. Appreciate the daily things you can do (e.g., sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.) that maintain your well-being. They provide a foundation of strength and energy that allow you to do anything. Anything to achieve goals.

3. Envision Yourself Succeeding

Visualize yourself succeeding. This will relax your mind and allow your body to do what it knows to do.

4. Give Yourself The Permission For Possibilities

Allow yourself to identify with new possibilities. Let go of that old story that tells you that you can’t do something.

5. Your Circle Is Really Vital

Surround yourself with a supportive community. It’s great to have a tribe encouraging you and sharing helpful tips along the way. People who will empower you, uplift you, inspire you, motivate you, elevate you, boost you and enhance your being.

6. Let Go

At times, we hold on to something because we feel it empowers us; however, holding on only weakens us.

Once we have accepted what may or may not develop, we need to detach ourselves from the outcome. Letting go of our fears allows us to focus more on the present moment and less on the fear itself. Just “letting go” will certainly help you to succeed.

7. Just Keep Moving Via Spirituality

Channel your spirituality.The spiritual journey involves going beyond hope and fear, stepping into unknown territory, continually moving forward. The most important aspect of being on the spiritual path may be just to keep moving. Success is bound to knock at your door, sooner or later.

Final Thoughts

If you want to maintain a sense of adventure and possibility for your life, then get into the “action mode”- Avers Hirav Shah.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear.
Action breeds confidence and courage.
If you want to conquer fear and achieve goals, do not sit home and think about it.
Go out and get busy.
Channelise all your energies into it.
Have a definite plan and a concrete strategy, Concludes Shah.