What is the brain?

The brain is a complex organ that controls thought, internal representation, feeling, sense of touch, motor skills, imagery, respiration, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body. Together, the brain and spinal cord that extends from it make up the central nervous system, or CNS

The brain is wider than the sky, and the world’s greatest events take place in the brain. On that note, India’s Most Influential Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer™, Hirav Shah asks you to reflect on arguably one of the most important organs — the brain.

“We use our brains for everything. This resilient and hardworking organ works even while we are asleep.

Reflect on your brain and everything it does for you. It homes and controls your thoughts, memories, emotions, and actions—everything”-Tells Hirav Shah, Renowned Business Transformation Expert and Business Enhancement Leader.


If you’re like most folks, you might not know about your very own brain. Yet, your brain is you and who you are. It’s your fist size and weighs about as much as a cantaloupe—around three pounds—and is the controller and boss of your mind and body.

The brain never shuts down and is active even when you’re in your deepest of sleeps. It determines how well you perform professionally in your business and work and how far you climb the career ladder, so it’s extremely crucial to know what it needs from you.

With modern imaging techniques, neuroscientists have advanced our understanding of this amazing organ called the brain, how it operates and what it needs to provide your optimal job performance. The quality of your life has been the quality of your decisions.

Now, for a few minutes, just close your eyes. Reflect on what would the quality of your life be if your brain health started to decline? If you woke up this morning realizing you are becoming forgetful? Or if something was slowing down your brain?

Be deeply grateful for the gift of this brain. And move to action. What are the simple action points you can take to maintain brain health? Are you burdening it with too much stress?

Stress is real. But it is also important to release it the right way. Are you eating the right food to nourish your brain? A balanced meal with nuts, omegas, and seeds? Are you meditating and sleeping well? Quality and deep sleep are the best medication for optimum brain health. Reflect on this well.

Final Thoughts

We use our brain for everything. It works even while we sleep. Close your eyes and reflect…

What it does for you ?

Everything. Yes, literally everything.
Thoughts, memories, emotions, actions-Everything is controlled by the brain.

What would your life’s quality be if the health of your brain started to decline?

What would the quality of your life be if you couldn’t remember something?

Just ponder!!

Be deeply grateful for this gift of your brain. Now move to action.

What are the simple actions you can take to maintain your brain health!

Don’t burden it with so much stress. Deep sleep is the best medication ever for maintaining optimum brain health-Concludes Business Transformation Expert, Hirav Shah.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my health in 2023?

Exercise, eat right and sleep well. Your health will slowly start to improve.

How can I increase my mental toughness?

You can increase your mental toughness through confidence, fearlessness, and meditation. Be tough. Do not waste on changing other things which are not controllable your life and body is in your control, so change yourself first.

What are wellness tips?

Exercise, deep sleep, emotional detox and drinking loads of water are the best wellness tips.

What is the root of anxiety?

A multitude of sources could trigger your anxiety, such as environmental factors like personal relationships or a job, some medical conditions, traumatic experiences of the past and even genetics.

Final Words

Here are a few things Hirav Shah urges to clients in order of standing:

  • Exercise on a regular basis.
  • Get enough of sleep. Sleep serves an important role in your brain health.
  • Eat good diet food that is available within your vicinity
  • Stay mentally activist, nothing can be so great to expect other than your thought. …
  • Stay socially involved. Whenever possible, stay connected with your friends relative or even just go and watch light dramas or music shows.
  • Here are few habits that drain our brain regularly, just stay conscious and fight on your own
    1. Taking things personally.
    2. Holding on to the past.
    3. Over emphasizing on small things
    4. Sleeping late without reason
    5. Complaining all the time.
    6. Overthinking.
    7. Not Living in the present moment.
    8. Trying to please others.
    9. Connecting to a virtual person
    10.  Blowing the things out of proportion