Do it like professionals. Move in silence. Do it in silence. Let your success be the Noise- Quotes Thought Leader, Hirav Shah.


There is a phrase which says that silence is golden and talk is silver.

In other words, you do your duty to the best of your ability and leave the rest to take its own course.

If you have performed well, your action will speak for itself. You will be appreciated for your performance and get applauded, Says Business Astrologer™ & India’s Most Influential Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah.

Work Hard in silence, let your success be the NOISE

You need to know how to use silence as a tactic for speaking up for yourselves and as an opportunity for you to work hard and lead.

Popular Opinion Leader Hirav Shah outlines areas to work hard, by using silence constructively, in business and in life.

1.Work Hard In Building trust

If you want to develop effective relationships, you must build trust. To build trust, you must listen. Practice deep listening.

When you want to establish a relationship, do not do all the talking. Introduce yourself, ask questions about the other person, and listen. Learn about the other person. When the person realizes you are listening to them, they will listen to you.

2. Work Hard To Emphasize a point

If you use too many words, the point you want to make can get lost. Silence or fewer words allows you to be heard when it matters.

If you are in a meeting, don’t answer every question that is posed to the group. Respond to one or two questions. Your words will be more memorable than those who chime in at every possible chance to weigh in.

3. Work Hard To Negotiate

Silence when negotiating can be nerve-wracking. When the other person is silent, you wonder what they might be thinking. Turn the tables. Let them wonder what you are thinking. Let them reveal information that helps you to have the upper hand moving forward in the conversation. Sometimes you meet tough people, in society, known to be impolite. They can give you a hard time while dealing with them. One should know how to deal with rude and mean people. When people are rude to you, when people are mean…you have two choices. You have two paths to follow. Yes !  Accept or let go.

4. Get The Answer

The sooner you become silent, the quicker you will get your answer. Many people are guilty of asking a question and not stopping at the question mark. Ask the question, and stop.

Don’t continue on with explanations or excuses. These words dilute your question and the power of its message.

5. Don’t Be An Empty Vessel

Empty vessels make the most sound” is a popular English idiom that is true to its very core. It simply means that people who keep blabbering are the ones with no inner substance. The way to success is a hard one that involves infinite efforts and the most advantageous planning processes.

6. You Got To Practice What You Preach

Above all, be excellent to work with. Be positive, inspiring, and uncomplicated. Strive for reasonable and put kindness first. Surprise and delight the people around you. Write the reference, unprompted. Send the gift, unprompted.

Always have something nice to say. Make them look forward to your call. Say thanks, repeatedly. Watch in awe as the doors open, the opportunities find you, and luck seems to follow you around. Work hard in silence…

Have you ever got bailed after the first adversity? Most people have a problem with continuity, and most of them get bailed after a little failure, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You have to practice and work hard if you want to master it.

Always keep your “why” in your mind and work hard in silence and let your success speak for itself. Always remember you can achieve, you will succeed, and you must not fail…

Final Thoughts

“Silence isn’t empty. It’s so full of answers”

There is immense power in silence, learn to be silent and not react to the different types of people you will encounter on your journey towards a greater life. Always maintain your class and composure under all circumstances.

Ignore the naysayers and those who try to bring you down to their level.

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go Beyond them into the impossible. Work Hard in silence, let your success be the NOISE.