In the process of gaining good knowledge on various aspects, books help us a lot and libraries are the place where you can find all kinds of books on different topics and enhance skills in each individual, says business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah.

What is the role of the Library in gaining book knowledge?

The library is the place where one can not only find books but also newspapers and magazines. Those who are interested in reading books related to various current and historical topics use the library as the platform and gain the required knowledge.

Hirav Shah believes that a library is nothing but a treasure house of knowledge and helps to create awareness on different topics to the readers.

Academic curriculum wise also the library provides good space for the students to rewind and learn the textbook syllabus.

A school, college or a university having a library is definitely an asset to the students as they can polish reading skills on a regular basis.

Usually, we come across libraries in our area or else in a few selected places. These libraries help the citizen to gain a good knowledge on what is happening in the society through various sources like New Paper’s and daily magazines, says Hirav Shah.

What is the role of a librarian in the Library?

To be a librarian in the Library, one should be qualified in library science. A librarian should be well-aware of each book present in the Library and should guide the students/readers to select suitable books. He should have enough patience and should be cooperative with the readers.

What Hirav Shah personally feels is that a librarian should be a step ahead and should even suggest the best books available in the Library.

If a Library has a qualified librarian, it will help the readers to explore different genre/quality books.

Most importantly, the librarian should make sure that he creates a nice, ambitious and study atmosphere for the reader in the library.

What is the normal area a library should be housed?

In general, libraries will be very spacious in big halls but it is not a mandatory thing that the library should be housed in a spacious room because in small villages and towns we can witness the set up in small rooms also.

But whether it is a small or big library, every reader in the library should keep the furniture in it very clean. Readers should maintain absolute silence while in the library and should not disturb others.

The library is the place where thousands of books will be available on various topics and subjects and new books will be updated from time to time. The systematic arrangement of books in the library helps the readers to overcome the difficulty in searching their choice of book. The labelling system in the Library also helps the readers to pick the book of their choice in an easy manner, says Hirav Shah.

Yet another important thing is that the readers should handle the books carefully so that none of the pages is torn or misplaced. This systematic pattern in the library helps the new readers to find their required book without any confusion.

Every library issues membership cards to its readers. By having a membership card one can easily borrow and return it after reading it at his/her room/residence. Generally, libraries are very useful to poor people who can not afford to buy textbooks.

Internet effect on Libraries?

Launching the internet a few decades ago has brought drastic changes in the human lifestyle. This has significantly changed things and has a major effect on the library system and book knowledge.

Due to widespread technology and usage of smartphones, the library and book knowledge has been losing charm eventually. The availability of the internet at an affordable price is also making the reader tilt towards E-classes and hesitating to go to the library.

Final Words

To conclude, business Astrologer Hirav Shah says that the widespread internet usage and growing knowledge is throwing the library system in dark light but confidently says that no matter what comes and how fast forward we are, definitely there is no alternative for book knowledge and the library system which is a temple of books.