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Buy Real Estate and

This is apt for Hyderabad, Opines Hirav Shah, Property and Real Estate Investment Adviser cum Real Estate Strategist.

Yes, Hyderabad’s real estate industry, which was marred by the pandemic, has begun discovering its feet and how. There have been unequivocal signs of bounce back since the second from last quarter of 2020.

Government’s Assistance

The government saw ‘Housing for All’ and affordable housing as priority areas, in the Union Budget 2021-22. The Real estate sector had high expectations from the Budget 2021, especially post the Covid-19 pandemic and the sector’s expectations were met as well. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has been granted Rs 54,581 crore in the Budget 2021. Also, the “city of Nizams’ ‘ Hyderabad amongst others, benefitted hugely. The demand for housing picked up in Hyderabad despite COVID-19 crisis.

Property and Real Estate Astrology

One of the most important factors that drive the real estate sector is Astrology.

Real estate Business is all about sale, purchase and construction of properties, buildings etc… Saturn occupation of 4th, 10th or 7th house can confer gain through real estate business. In this case again, Mars support is required.

An Individual can gain property during Mahadasha and antardasha of the 4th lord or planets posited in the 4th house. But before predicting such a thing, one needs to find out the promise of the chart. If the chart does not promise much, one may face delay in acquiring the property of HIS dream.

Favourable Time Period to invest in Real Estate Hyderabad in 2021- 30 March to 30th June.

Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In Hyderabad

1.South Hyderabad


a.The special status of the Hyderabad-Karnataka region to benefit Gulbarga, Yadadri, Raichur, Koppal & Bellary.

b.Shamshabad-Shadnagar is in the Aviation zone of Hyderabad.

c.Well connected to regional ring road outer ring road.

d.Equidistant to IT, Hardware, Industrial & Pharma corridors.

e.Direct link road access to multinationals like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

f.In the neighbourhood of prominent Residential, Educational & Commercial Developments.

g.Population projected to increase by 8 lakhs residents within 10 Km radius in Shadnagar adding 50,000 direct and 2 lakhs indirect employment.

2.East Hyderabad


a.Yadadri or Bhongir district mainly
Temple City Corridor (Yadadri-Kolanpak -Iskcon).

b.Multiple Highways(Connecting Warangal Highway & Rajiv Rahadari).

c.Situated Between Yadadri & Kolanpak Jain Temple.

d.Very near to highway connecting Karimnagar & Warangal.

e.Proposed Kendariya Vidyalaya School at Gowrapalli.

f.Proposed Metro in Yadadri.

3.West Hyderabad


a.15 minutes to Sangareddy which is an already developed town and Medak Headquarters.

b.20 minutes to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad.

c.Central Govt. proposed NIMZ project ( National Investments for Manufacturing Zones) in 13000 Acres near Zaheerabad.

d.30 minutes to Microsoft, ISB, Infosys, TCS.
Very close to Pepsi co., Aurobindo Pharma, KIRBY, Toshiba, Pebs planner etc.

e.10 Minutes’ Drive from ORR.

Future Of Real Estate and Real Estate Trends

1.Benefits To NRIs

a.Rupee Depreciation –The depreciating value of the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar is one major factor facilitating NRIs in investing in Indian real estate business.

b.Favourable Government Reforms –Additionally, the demand for real estate in India continues to make this a lucrative investment option for NRIs. This has been boosted by the formation of RERA and developers and properties that are registered under RERA.

2.Positive Real Estate Trends Due To Infra-Growth

Investors will continue betting on Hyderabad realty simply for the fact that there are planned infrastructural developments. The Hyderabad Metro rail project has certainly acted as a game-changer. With a 56-km operational stretch, the Hyderabad Metro has become India’s second-largest Metro Rail network, next only to Delhi. As it expands its network in the city (the Hyderabad Metro is likely to carry as many as 22 million passengers in a day by 2024), it would work its magic on emerging localities, too. While the actual values of property in such areas have begun to grow, their rental value would also appreciate, as soon as they get an operational Metro link.

To ease traffic conditions within and around the city and to curb pollution, the government has allocated Rs 5,500 crores for building a 363-km regional ring road (RRR) in Hyderabad. Work on the project that would strengthen the highways connectivity here is likely to start after the central government approves the plan.

Only last year, the government set aside Rs 45,000 crores to make small, but significant changes in the city’s infrastructure. The money will be used over three years for building skywalks, flyovers, underground cabling, storm water drains and development of green spaces across Hyderabad.

3.Real Estate Price Trends In Hyderabad

Despite tremendous pressure, because of a demand slowdown nationally, the City of Nizams continues to buck the trend, to witness consistent price growth. In the October-December period of 2020, the average rate of newly-launched projects in this pharmaceutical hub increased five per cent, year-on-year. Owing to a consistent increase in average rates, property prices are the highest in Hyderabad currently. The quarter saw the highest number of units being launched in Hyderabad, a market that has practically defied national trends to see value appreciation year after year.


Hyderabad’s reality market has shown phenomenal resilience against testing times, erstwhile booming real estate markets in India reeled under the pressure of a demand slowdown that started late in 2014, the capital city of Telangana, also known as the city of Nizam’s and is the biggest pharmaceutical hub in India today, stood out in contrast.

On that note,if you want to make your investment option lucrative, you got to tap this opportunity to make your next property investment move in Hyderabad, Concludes Hirav Shah, Real Estate Strategist and Financial Adviser.