A leader must see the external opportunities and the internal capability and culture, and all of the connections among them and respond to them before they become obvious parts of the conventional wisdom.Satya Nadella

Back in 2014, the news of an Indian heading the famed Microsoft had come as a shock to everyone. Now, when we think about it we could accept no one other than Nadella himself for the post of Microsoft CEO and here is why.

When Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft, the company was facing a ginormous crisis. Even after dominating the market for personal computers, Microsoft wanted to dominate the smartphone industry. It was an ambitious thought because, at that time, Apple and Google were the frontrunners. In a desperate bid to succeed, Microsoft bought Nokia but it soon turned out to be a huge mistake. Microsoft completely failed to make a specialized integrated operating system with hardware. It seemed like Microsoft was going to fade into oblivion.

However, that didn’t happen. After Satya took charge of Microsoft, he managed to avert the crisis. Slowly but steadily, he dealt with the company’s failing cell phone division and other areas of the business like cloud computing. Under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft thrived as a company.

Born on 19 August 1967 Satyanarayana Nadella, also known as Satya Nadella, has proven to be one of the finest business executives the world has ever seen. The 54-year-old tech giant is an August-born Leo, known for their articulate leadership quality. His mantra to success is something worth receiving.

India’s Favorite Astro strategist, Hirav Shah brings you Satya Nadella’s 4 lessons to success:

1- Rely on statistics

Numbers never lie. A leader who relies on instinct to make decisions may be quick in their approach but is it smart to make such hasty decisions? The answer is no. A leader must take a calmer approach and make data-driven decisions. Satya Nadella always relies on vast amounts of data collected by Microsoft that helps him make informed decisions.

2- Believe in the impossible and remove the improbable

A leader must have the clarity of purpose and a sense of mission. That way even the impossible would seem possible. Nadella believes in creating solutions to problems rather than being part of the problem. Success won’t come to those who sit and whine, but success will come to those who work hard and make each day count. As he quotes “every one of us needs to do our best work, lead and help drive cultural change. We sometimes underestimate what we each can do to make things happen and overestimate what others need to do to move us forward. We must change this.”

3- Be innovative

Nadella belonged to a middle-class family from India who went to average school as a child. He literally made his way to the top and it’s all thanks to his innovative ideas. Determined to rise to the top, Nadella worked his way up through the company by bringing his unique skills to the table. Over the years, he would go on to earn promotions with the help of his amazing problem-solving schemes. It was this ability to rediscover himself and bring something new to the table that got him
recognized and eventually established as the CEO of the entire company.

4- Teamwork makes dream work

Nadella believes that a leader must always put his team first and give them equal opportunity to succeed. It develops a sense of understanding and respect among each other, and people see you as a leader who can manage everything easily. You can always boss around and exert dominance over your subordinates. But you will gain their respect only when you give them respect.


Satya Nadella is and always will be an inspiration for kids over the world with his great beliefs and teachings. He will forever be the man who made India and Indians proud. As Nadella said, “It’s a software-powered world.” And in this world, he is the king. Time and again Nadella has shown through his incredible cross-country journey the importance of hard work and dedication. In his success, we perceive the possibility of our own success. And that is probably what being a role model is all about.
With this India’s prominent Astro strategist, Hirav Shah bid you his goodbye.

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