Are you the one looking forward to enter sports field and make a bright career in it? If yes then astrology can help you to get the desired guidance as whether you are destined for this field or not. When it comes to sports, it serves to be a challenging field in which one needs to make regular efforts so as to get the desired success. Both chances are there, either one could be left completely unnoticed or become a famous star and shine in the field. To know what is destined, astrology can help a lot so that a person can decide for his career in sports field.

Sports astrology:

Right from the birth of a person, his thinking, career, behavior etc., all are affected by transitions of planets. Both malefic as well as benefic effects could be there from the transition of any planet outside or inside the horoscope on the basis of present position held in natal chart.

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Sports is the field in which survival demands physical strength and therefore the first and foremost thing important to enter in this field is physical strength. Then comes the role of astrological houses. As per the astro-strategist and sports astrologer Shri Hirav Shah, examination of 5th, 3rd, 10th and 6th house is important for this purpose.

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The third house is considered to be the courage house while for struggles or enemies, the associated house is 6th. For creative events stands the 5th house while career is determined by 10th house. Along with these, the gains that one can expect from his career are denoted by 11th house. It is important to examine the main chart for the placement of these houses along with the study of divisional charts.

In astrology, the main planet that is considered to denote for sportsmanship is Mars. The person become extremely vigorous from Mars that is exalted but sportsmanship is not always denoted by exaltation of Mars. The native is considered to have good power of resistance when mode of Mars is powerful and it shows that the person can defeat the competitors. The person can also get hardworking as quality with the effect of Mars. Determination is increased when planet Mars is in friendly house, own house or exaltation sign.

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For analyzing the stability and strength of a person, Moon’s position is checked while courageous moves are indicated by 3rd house. In the field of sports, only competitive people and those having courage get success. Both physical as well as mental strength are required for getting victory in a competition. For this reason, the 3rd house must have strong planets. The power of activities that are self-promotional is indicated by 5th house therefore it is also considered for deciding the success of a person in sports. These are the important astrological combinations that one need to have for a bright and successful career in sports. The skills are definitely important along with this for getting the desired success.

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