For the youngsters, one of the great options for career is Sports that involves limelight as well as lot of money. One can also maintain a fit and healthy body by playing sports while earning lot of fame. However, it is not a cup of tea for everyone since several qualities are required for becoming a sports person such as:

  • Fit body
  • Confidence
  • Physical strength
  • Analytical abilities
  • Temperament
  • Perseverance
  • Victory over enemies
  • Natural aptitude for overcoming injuries

As per the Astro-strategist and Sports Astrologer Shri Hirav Shah, the planets having significant role for career in sports are:

Sun: This planet is first house’s significator and is a natural Atmakaraka. When horoscope of a person has strong Sun, it bestows the native with physical strength and strong body.

Mars: Mars is the planet of bravery and war and therefore its position in the horoscope of a person who is willing to make career in sports must be good. The competitive streak is also represented by planet Mars and this helps the person to be passionate for the game. This is helpful for sports as a career since for getting success in this field, passion is important.

Mercury: The analytical abilities and logical skills of a person are represented by this planet. Planet Mercury is therefore important to be placed well since there is high requirement of analytical abilities in sports field.

Moon: In any sports, chances of injuries are always there but the sports person’s success could be hampered due to constant injuries. For protecting a person from physical injuries, strong position of Moon is important. The hormones in body of a person are also represented by Moon and there is special role of testosterone for getting success in the field of sports.

Saturn: It is not a one-night miracle to get success in the field of sports. It is in fact the process in which the person having natural talent needs to dedicate his time to practice every hour so that the skills could be enhanced. This is where planet Saturn plays a significant role. It pushes the person so that he possesses sufficient perseverance for playing at highest level.

Rahu: This might appear to be eccentric but to become a successful sportsperson, there is vital role of Rahu in horoscope of the person. With the sportsperson in present era, a lot of fame and glamour is involved that makes role of Rahu even more significant. An aura is created by Rahu round the sportsperson and with its help; huge wealth could also be earned.

So these are the planets having significant role for all those who are willing to enter in sports field and make a bright career. As per Sports astrologer Hirav Shah, a successful career in the field of sports requires benefic aspects in horoscope of planets Mercury, Mars and Rahu. The native must also have winning attitude along with courage and strength so as to excel in this field and get the desired success and fame.

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