5 steps to make money as per potential


Ready to start making more money
and maximize the potential of your business?
5 Recommended Steps to Follow

Step #1

Ensure you have three Professionals you can rely on as advisors for you and your business:
Your Chartered Accountant,
Your Attorney or Business Lawyer
Your Astro-Strategist
Lawyers can’t give any financial input or can talk about luck, same way a strategist can’t suggest laws or can’t advice for financial technicality or company formation so if you have 3 key advisors as support pillars, this will really help grow your business and achieve your desired results.

Step #2

Attend to the 7 fundamentals of a successful business:
1. Name of the organization : Numerologically and Astrologically it should be with spelled in just the right way.
2. Correct partners : Check the compatibility, strength and weakness of all partners and administrators with your Astro- Strategist.
3. Percentage of shares of all partners : Each should be correctly balanced with one another.
4. Registered Address & administrative address : It should be astrologically compatible with name of the organization and key people of the company
5. Logo of the organization : Logos aren’t good or unhealthy : rather they’re either lucky or unlucky. A carefully planned logo provides guidance, confidence, faith, energy and importance. It additionally adds value to your whole brand and business.
6. Web, Print, Digital presence:
Logo, Colors, fonts, Headings, Images, structure, framework all should be in correct place and in astrological harmony.
7. Brand Name or DBA: Critically, the name of the Brand can provide direction and purpose to the organization. It can support sales and profit and even affect employee morale and job satisfaction.

Step #3

Start doing a GAP Analysis for your Business every month
You must be thinking what is GAP Analysis ?
GAP Analysis is the difference between Actual achievement and Potential.
Gap analysis can be used in many areas, such as:
Financial performance
Human resource management
Quality assurance
Cost control
Employee satisfaction
Energy conservation
Market competitiveness
Technical skills
The list is endless….

Step #4

Start doing SWOT Analysis for your Business weekly
SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis) is a framework for identifying and analyzing the internal (strengths, weakness) and external (opportunities, threats) factors that can have an impact on the viability of a project, product, place or person. It also helps to minimize the effect of weaknesses in your business, while maximizing your strengths.

Step #5

Talk to your advisory professional team (Chartered Accountant, Business Lawyer and Astro-Strategist) at least twice a week and before taking any major decisions.


So if you make all strategies for Project, Product, Place or Person with the help of above 5 steps and execute with legitimate planning, right individuals, right place and see what miracles in your business you’ll be able to have it in few weeks.