Most of the youngsters nowadays are getting attracted towards sports field as career option since it bestows the person with money as well as limelight. In addition to this, players need to train regularly for enhancing their game and this helps them to stay fit and healthy as well. Another important factor relevant to sports as a career is that it might look fascinating but not everyone can get success in this field easily. It takes hard work, passion and ceaseless desire to excel in order to get success in sports field.

In case someone wants to enter in sports field and make bright career, it is important to consider the natal chart’s suggestive signs.

Signs in horoscope for getting success in sports as a career field:

For becoming a successful sportsperson, the horoscope of a person needs to have strong Sun. In the natal chart, the first house is signified by planet Sun. For the bravery concept, the other planet that also holds true is planet Mars. Therefore success in sports field also depends on Mars and it needs to be strong in horoscope of someone who wishes to make career in this field.

When it comes to sports as career, another important factor is strong position of planet Moon. This is important since the physical injuries that are possible on the field are discouraged by strong Moon. Planet Rahu and mercury are also important since success level is decided by Rahu while reasoning abilities are influenced by mercury. In addition to these, the horoscope of a person must have strong 6th, 3rd and 10th houses so that true worth and potential could be proved on field. As per the astro-strategist and sports astrologer Shri Hirav Shah, these are the signs that indicate whether one can get success in sports field or not.

As per astrology indications, if horoscope of the person has 6th and 3rd houses in favor then they indicate good career in sports field. In addition to this, smooth success is bestowed by power of planet mercury, mars and rahu etc. and therefore these are also considered. A person needs to have sufficient physical strength for successful career in this field and the same is indicated by 3rd house in his horoscope. When the 6th house is strong in horoscope it ensures success and victory in sports field.

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All these factors collectively decide whether the person can get success in sports field or not. Along with these astrological indications, one needs to have some other traits as well for successful career as sports person such as:

  • Physical strength and energy
  • Confidence
  • Temperament
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to overcome injuries
  • Winning attitude that help to win over opponents

Positive results are bestowed in several aspects when 6th house is strong such as protection from humiliation and sin, success over challengers and safety from injuries and diseases. So it is important to consider all these factors for those who want to make a bright career in sports field.  

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