Youngsters are highly attracted towards career in sports since this field helps them attain lot of fame and money. In addition to this, one can stay healthy and fit by indulging in sports. This is the reason why career in sports is an attractive option for most of the people. However, just the aspiration for opting sports as career is not enough. One needs to have desired skill set, passion, physical strength, courage and winning aptitude in order to get success in particular sport. Along with this, there is major role of certain astrological aspects as well in deciding whether one can get desired success in sports or not.  

In the horoscope of a person, the favor and strength of the 6th and 3rd houses is considered to be important for determining whether career in sports is possible or not. Along with this, mercury, mars and rahu are the planets that are important for making career in sports and assuring smooth success in the field.

The person is blessed with appropriate physical strength when strength is indicated in horoscope’s 3rd house in the astrological readings. It is considered that the desired strength that one needs in activities of sports is present with strong third house.  As per the astro=-strategist and sports astrologer Shri Hirav Shah, for ensuring success and victory in this field, a strong 6th house is also important.

Factors such as injury, debts, enemies, disease, sin, battle, humiliation and fear are considered to be related with horoscope’s 6th house. One can get all the positive results when his horoscope has strong 6th house. These include protection from injuries and diseases, safety from humiliation and sin and success over competitors. Victory over the challengers is important in sports field and beneficial results in the same aspect are provided when 6th house is powerful.  

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Along with this, the placement of planet mercury and mars is also important in astrological readings for determining some vital factors leading to success in sports. These include level of physical fitness, analytical abilities and stamina needs for success in this profession. Courage, strong physique and appropriate technical skills are ensured when position of planet mercury and mars is strong in the horoscope of the person. In addition to this, winning and positive attitude are ensured when nature of rahu is favorable in the horoscope.

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All these factors are collectively important in deciding the fact as whether the person can get desired success and fame when he opt for career in sports. For all those who are looking forward for making career in sports, it is important to look at these factors so as to analyze whether they can get the success that they dreamt of. Perseverance, confidence, ceaseless efforts, mental and physical strength, analytical abilities, stability etc. are all required for getting success in this field. All these aspects are affected in one way or the other by astrology as described above. So one can go through these factors and proceed in the way of this dream of career in sports.

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