Everyone wants success. Everybody wants to perform well in whichever field they are. All of you want to be the “Top Performer” but how many of you really get there… How many really make it? How many really crack it?  How many become invincible?

Well, all your guesses and assumptions end here, since Eminent Astro-Business Strategist and Business Advisor Hirav Shah shares invaluable tips and suggestions as to how to “Always Be The Top Performer At Workplace” !

1.Be a Visionary

You are not just to do a job, but rather to make your mark on the company as a whole. You got to be deeply inquisitive and envision things, which typically means you have to see beyond just your so-called “duties and responsibilities.”  The key to fight thought conflicts and build meaningful vision starts with looking inward and developing yourself first, self-Improvisation is the Key.

You have to envision your day-to-day work as a way to further the organization’s vision at large. You need to inherently connect the dots —understanding that each task, big or small, supports a collective push.

Bring your whole selves to work and sincerely believe in the impact, and ripple effect, of a job well done. Your penchant to learn and problem-solve should not only be commendable, but also unquenchable.

2. Push Your Limits

When running a business, you have to churn out consistent results. Learn from the mastermind behind oracle- Larry Ellison. Turn today’s limits into tomorrow’s standards. Instead of avoiding the toughest moments of your work, try embracing them. By looking at your professional work not as a job, but as a gym, you can also turn today’s caps into tomorrow’s usual. And by doing so consistently, you will maximize your personal and professional potential.

3. Turn Feedback Into Action

What truly sets top performers apart is the way in which they react to feedback.
Yes, turn feedback into work.
Turn feedback into action.
Into productivity. Into fruitfulness. Into  prolificness.

It’s difficult to reconcile with feedback at times; You got to use feedback as a way to tangibly showcase your progress and growth. You are abundantly aware of your shortcomings, and you need to work diligently to transform your weaknesses into strengths.

4. Make Everybody Around You, Better

Make everyone around you, better. Empower. Yes, empower all around you.

If you are a manager or leader, this means developing and nurturing the talent that reports to you. If you are a junior or entry-level employee, this involves uplifting and inspiring peers you collaborate with regularly.

This component leans more on your emotional intelligence. Empathize with the people you work alongside. In a lot of ways, you have to view your colleagues as an extension of your family. In a nutshell, you have to be simply human, and that humanness is an incredible merit — not a drawback.

5. Enjoy & Love What You Do

The number one requirement is to enjoy and love what you do. Have as much fun!

If you find a job you love, you will never have to work again. And to be successful and to be a top performer, it is essential.

It has also got to do with the extras. To go that “Extra Mile”. Like knowing when it is the company’s month end or year-end or any deadline and to send a huge basket full of snacks for everyone who will be burning the midnight oil, working overtime.

To know your client’s birthday, and send a gift. To be at the top of your mind, basically, when they need your service.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, what stands between you and the top performers in your industry? What would it take for you to be number one in the world in your profession?

Work ethic. Yes, indeed…
Work ethic runs consistently through all top performers. It is the master key that will unlock all your personal and professional potential. All that’s left for you to do now, is open the door- Concludes Prolific Astro Strategist Hirav Shah.