We all faced 2020. We all had “not so good” days this year. Nothing seemed to go right. You felt like a permanent rain cloud was overhead. That you’re being weighed down by a million and one thing that makes you just want to either curl up in a ball and cry or scream really loudly and destroy something; maybe both.

There are lots of things one can do to keep these emotions from completely ruining your day, but one of the easiest and quickest things you can do is listen to some cheer up songs, Opines Leading Entertainment Astrologer and Business Strategist in India, Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah himself is a Music(Tabla) Graduate, he did Visharad and he also plays a little bit of Mouth Organ too in free time. Hirav Feels that Rhythm plays a very important role in our life and Business too. You can learn many things from music.

Listening to music is an emotional journey and the right song can help get you back on track, Opines Shah
Shah Further Expresses-While COVID-19 claimed its share of headlines in 2020, so did Bollywood Songs . Thanks to an illuminating mix of newcomers, rising stars and veteran acts, the genre maintained the upward course obviously, since we needed therapy amidst this century’s most trying times.

On that note, Hirav Shah picks top 5 “Soothing And Therapeutic” Bollywood Songs From 2020, Which Everyone Was and Still Is Hooked On To !!

1. Shayad —Aaj Kal From From Love Aaj Kal

Shayad—Aaj Kal composed by Pritam and sung by Arijit Singh is a song on love, faith and hope. It salutes the spirit of workers fighting the battle against the pandemic. In short, this is the most special and liked song of 2020 which is a tribute to all our frontline combatants who are serving India selflessly during such unprecedented times, Opines Hirav Shah.
This time too shall pass, Asserts Shah.

2. Aabaad Barbaad From Ludo

Ludo’s song ‘Aabaad Barbaad’ got showered with love from fans, all over. This is the second most liked song of 2020 since this is also a song of hope and faith. It is a Pritam-Arijit combo again and if you are not having a great day, this track will certainly lift you up.

3.Dil Bechara Title Track From Dil Bechara

Sushant Singh Rajput’s charming presence is spread across the music video of Dil Bechara’s title track as his simple dance moves wow us just as much as it did Sanjana Sanghi. Leaving us with the bittersweet feeling of his untimely demise and his last film with Dil Bechara, Dil Bechara – Title Track MV has earned 105 million views and counting. A very smooth romantic melody rules the music of the song throughout. It has a breezy style that makes it very cool and easy to listen to. The deep jazz guitars are programmed very well by Rahman while his vocals layer up nicely on top of the music. He imparts the song with his trademark high pitch vocals as well on the para that make it iconic for a Rahman song. The lyrics are a mix of Hindi and English words nicely arranged giving the song its smoothness.
Meanwhile, Dil Bechara also became the most tweeted about and Google’s Most Searched Film of 2020.

4.Aur Tanha From Love Aaj Kal

While Love Aaj Kal was, unfortunately, a box-office disaster, the soundtrack was much appreciated. Off all songs, Aur Tanha is such a soothing number that it can put you to
“trans”. KK’s warmth-filled voice is heard in a film soundtrack after a while and it sounds so fresh that it is hard for one to believe that it is a voice one has been hearing this voice for more than two decades now. “Aur Tanha” is to ‘Love Aaj Kal’ is what “Ghar” was to ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ and “Main Kaun Hoon” was to ‘Love Aaj Kal’. The song has a ‘pahari’ feel to it which can give you the much needed solace.
The lyric play – “ ना मैं वादा करता हूँ ना मैं भूला करता, तू है तो सब रस्तों पे मैं क्या ढूँढा करता,
यूँ तेरा होना भी, और तन्हा करता ” plays a very important role in making it one of the most therapeutic songs of this year.

5. Hardum Humdum From Ludo

This contemporary, clutter breaking song with vocals by Arijit Singh and lyrics by Sayeed Quadri, is a beautiful montage that takes the story forward and binds three narratives together.
Hardum Humdum is indeed a calming, consoling, relaxing and relieving melody.
The word play in the song – “यह ली है मेरी आँखों ने, कसम है आज
रखेगी तुझे ख्वाब में, हमेशा हरदम हर पल
हर शब हमदम हमदम” also aids in providing the much needed therapeutic touch.


Hirav Shah Lyrically Quotes
“खुद पे है भरोसा रखना तुझे
जीते जी नहीं है रुकना तुझे
इतिहास है लिखना तुझे
कुछ परबत हिलाएं तो बात है
कुछ परबत हिलाएं तो बात है”
The crux is that, in such disturbing times also, India’s Top Business Strategist Hirav Shah wants us to be unstoppable. Hirav himself is a Music Graduate and he also plays a little bit of Mouth Organ in free time. Hirav Feels that Rhythm plays a very important role in our life and Business too. You can learn many things from music.
Incredible and Beyond Belief, Isn’t It !
There is a way and it is the only way, Opines Shah.