One of the most significant steps you can take, when looking to take your business to another level, is using envelopes to sell your brand.
However, it depends on how you execute your plan, as you need an auspicious and productive business envelope design that will best represent your business.

What is a business envelope?

When you build a company, branding identity is certainly needed and moreover, there is now a lot of competition, which increasingly makes companies—Have to be good to compete.

Now it turns out that in addition to business cards and letterheads, branding identity is also important to apply to your “envelopes”.

Envelopes are essentially carriers for written pages of professional information, which makes them, equally, as significant as your letterheads.

What is the use of a business envelope?

  • To increase the visibility of your brand.
  • To make a good first professional impression.
  • To “build up” your company image.

Astrological Guidelines to have an Auspicious and Productive Business Envelope Design

Let’s understand step by step as to how to make business envelopes more productive & auspicious!

Let’s say there are two sides to an envelope sized 9½ x 4⅛ inches (or 241 x 105 millimeters). Front and back. On the back side, no need to put anything. Nothing. Leave it blank.

On the other side of the envelope, divide it into two parts. Header & Footer

1. Color of the Business Envelope

White business envelopes are most suitable and safe and are used by most brands. Light or dark blue color is a decent choice as well.

2. Position of Logo on Business Envelope

At the left Header side and just 6 mm away from the left edge of the envelope, the logo needs to be placed. Your brand logo needs to be well-defined, definite, and noteworthy.

3. Position of Company Name on Business Envelope

The name of the Company(in bold) needs to be placed at the Left Footer side of the envelope, leaving just 6 mm from the enveloper’s left edge.

4. Position of Address on Business Envelope

Just below the name of the Company(at the left footer), the address needs to be positioned like this.

First, the location symbol needs to be positioned “symbolically”. Towards the right of the “location symbol”, the address needs to be written, summing up in only one line.

5. Position of office Phone Number, Mobile, Email and Website Address on Business Envelope

Just Below the Address line, place symbols of each communication detail and then the respective details in the manner of symbol-Office Phone Number, symbol-Mobile Number, symbol-Email id and symbol-Website all summing up in one line only.

Final Thoughts

A business envelope is crucial for a brand, in that it represents the company and can impart the first “professional” impression to its potential customers and clients. A business envelope is also a “proof” of official-ness, while also being a brand promotional tool itself.

Lastly, while doing a business or starting one, designing an auspicious business envelope should be one of the top-most priorities.