Time management is something, in life and in businesses, we put a lot of focus on. We all want to find a way to make more effective use of our time to enjoy the fruits of our efforts and labor.

Meanwhile, India’s Leading Business Transformation Leader, Hirav Shah, recommends practicing the following techniques to become the master of your own time.

1. Create A Day’s Plan

Spend 10 minutes in the morning making your to-do list for the day. Yes, 10 minutes. An effective list makes all the difference— You can use an online task management tool too to create your to-do list.

2. Give Extra Time To Yourself

The key to staying calm in the storm is to build in time buffers, so you are not at the mercy of unforgiving timetables and schedules.

3. Procrastination Is Not Allowed

If you have a project or a task or an assignment, finishing your work early means that even if mishaps occur, they can be fixed or sorted out before work is due. And yes, procrastination is not allowed.

4. Evaluate The Important And The Urgent

Evaluate the urgent and the important since most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent.

5. Use Technology For Help

You can use technology to manage your time. Because it will bring a sense of calmness in the way teams function.

It eradicates the chaos that teams face amidst changing work requirements, strict deadlines and frequent emails from the clients by bringing everything together at a central place.

6. Routine Is The Key

Get into the routine. Are there jobs that are often repeated daily, weekly, or monthly? Fix those blocks on your calendar for the same time each week, get used to doing similar tasks at similar times. Start and finish working at the same time each day and every day. Fixing this routine helps your sleep schedule and makes you feel better all day.

7. Review of Your Work Is Important

At the EOD, review what you’ve done and make a new list for the next day-in order of significance, please.

8. Value Your Time

People who wander into your workspace to chat, actually do not respect you or your schedule. Value your time, please. You should set boundaries for the same.

9. Your Area Needs to Declutter

Declutter and organize your workspace, so you don’t waste time looking for things.

10. Evaluate losses and Celebrate victories

Evaluate why things were late? Were you distracted while performing a task? What are the things which have gotten better? Be kind. Be honest.

Give yourself a goal for the next time you start to track your time. If you reach your goal, give yourself something fun and celebrate victories.

Final Thoughts

Managing time is about giving yourself a life. You absolutely can free up a majority of your time while continuing to grow your work and business activities. You just have to do the job of aligning yourself with that intent, finding the leverage over yourself, and then taking the action. It’s worthless to wait for burnout.

Don’t keep flogging yourself over tasks, processes, people, or practices that aren’t really serving you.

Remember that you can choose a more purpose-driven, abundant and joyful life. You just need to connect with your inner energy and the right people to make it happen-Concludes Hirav Shah, Renowned Business Advisor and Business Enhancement Expert.