Do you want to get charged or get drained in life,

Hirav Shah Explains

Do you want to be a winner or a loser?
Do you want success or failure?
Do you want to get charged or get drained?
Do you want to get positive vibes or negative vibes?
Do you want your mind’s battery to get charged or drained?

You know all the answers, so why keep numbers of energy drainers people on your phone’s speed dial list?

You know where you want to be, so why keep names of losers on your “go-to” list?

Well, Veteran Astro-Strategist cum Business Advisor, Hirav Shah is here to throw some light on the above matter to make sure your life is prosperous, productive and more efficient.

How to improve efficiency ? 

Hirav Shah Advises how you can turn victorious and triumph in life…

The first thing is to stop communicating with energy drainers people and start talking to energy chargers people to increase productivity and efficiency.

Energy Drainers Vs Energy Chargers.

Energy Drainers People : Why do you talk to people who drain your energy in the first place?

Life is too short to waste it with energy drainer people, who only pulls you down. These people drain you, sometimes for no rhyme or reason, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly and sometimes deliberately.

Stop taking advice from people in the same situation as you. Stop talking to losers. Don’t take advice from other losers. They will literally drain you for sure. It reduces your efficiency towards work, love & relationship, mindset, and many others way.

You see people who are broke, taking advice from other broke people, on how to get rich. That’s why most people are broke. And that’s why broke people typically stay broke. It’s the harsh truth but the ultimate truth. Isn’t this financially draining !! Isn’t this mentally draining too !!“- Opines Hirav Shah.

Lets say if you want to open a restaurant and if you need advice for whom you will go one who already shut down his restaurant business and failure in business or someone who owns 60 restaurants and still have plan to open 10 more restaurants, explains Hirav Shah.

Another example  – Say, you are financially not secure, you associate with people who are financially not secure, and then you talk about all this stuff, and after a while starts to become fact to you, and the thing is, that you can never get out of “that situation” because you never really talk about the reality of things.

Be wise. Use your “Mind”. Drainers can only drain you. So, stay away from them. Do away with them. See the reality is this, in life if you want to get results, it’s not about what sounds good, it’s about what actually works. Hope it’s crystal clear now…

Energy Chargers: You want to go after, taking advice from, number one from people who are getting the results that you want. If they are not getting the results that you want, what makes you think they are going to get you results?

Go to energy chargers. People who can charge you up. People who are successful. People who have made it. People who are winners. Take advice from “chargers” only. Keep numbers of chargers on your speed dial and on your “go-to” list. Chargers can be your friends, acquaintances too.

Make space for the Battery Charger People (BCP) or Energy Charger People who appreciates your talent, and pulls you up in Life to increase productivity in the life. It helps to increase your efficiency. It helps to increase productivity and performance. It helps to improve your mind and meaning. 

They can be anybody, the only thing is, they got to the “top most” people in their fields. Then only they can “charge you to the T” so that nothing can stop you triumph in life. These are called millionaire’s success habits. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to develop millionaire’s success habits obviously. As simple as that…

For example, if you want to lose weight, you don’t want to talk to someone who is already over weight of 30 pounds. You want to talk to someone who lost 30-50 pounds and kept it off. That’s important. Hope this is understood-Hirav Shah Echoes Strongly…

Final Thoughts

Business Advisor and Prolific Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah’s philosophy is simple-Take advice from people who have gotten the results consistently you want… Take it from experts who practice what they preach, not some theorist with no skin in the game. Take it from the “chargers” and not from the “drainers” or you can say not from any Tom, Dick and Harry to improve productivity, performance, efficiency, creativity and of course mindset.