Navi Mumbai

On the west coast of Maharashtra in India, Navi Mumbai is a planned satellite city of Mumbai. As a new urban township of Mumbai, it was developed in 1972. It is currently the largest planned city in the world.

Navi Mumbai was mainly developed to fit in the ever-increasing population of the city of dreams. Navi Mumbai’s areas and localities are either well-developed or developing at a great pace, which overall makes the city a great investment destination for investing in Land and Plots that could possibly give superb appreciation.

Investment in Navi Mumbai

Land investors will certainly benefit from the government’s massive development plans for Navi Mumbai. Once the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link is completed, travel time from Navi Mumbai to South Mumbai would be substantially reduced.

As a result of planned projects and people progressively relocating to these areas, the demand for Navi Mumbai’s real estate market is soaring. Navi Mumbai costs are comparatively low, when compared to Mumbai, however, they may rise in the next few years.

If you’re still undecided about where to buy your ideal plot/land this year, Noted Real Estate Advisor Hirav Shah has compiled a list of the top land investment sites in Navi Mumbai for 2022.

Top land investment sites in Navi Mumbai

1. Panvel Real Estate

The most booming plot investment market in the past few years is Panvel. The prices are showing an upward graph with the new airport being built. Panvel has become a land/plot investment hotspot with schools, colleges, malls, corporate offices, parks-all in and around Panvel.

One should invest at the earliest before it reaches a stage where you might feel you are priced out and that favorable year to invest is 2022.

2. Kharghar Real Estate

Kharghar, which is considered the most developed area of Navi Mumbai, has a great social and physical infrastructure that has contributed to its immense development and real estate growth, naturally.

With several small-scale industries close to Kharghar, Kharghar has become a major residential hub and a hot land or plot investment destination. The average price of the lands are moving upwards after the development of malls, gyms, schools, colleges, offices-all in the vicinity.

So, choose Kharghar if you have to invest in land or plot in 2022 !!

3.Ulwe Real Estate

Due to the development in Ulwe and with its proximity to the under-construction Navi Mumbai Airport, currently, the plot rates are going uphill.

A coastal road is also being proposed and with many factors like these, the land prices are increasing exponentially. So, invest in “Now”.

Land Investment in Panvel, Kharghar and Ulwe in Navi Mumbai are attractive options as these sites are developing at a superfast rate and the real estate market here is very lucrative due to its affordability, great connectivity and opportunities.

They are kind of affordable now, but they might not be later. So, it’s time to act“- Says Hirav Shah, India’s Topmost Real Estate Strategist, Advisor, and Astrologer.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for better returns in 2022, while investing in land and plots, then put Navi Mumbai as one of the top cities in your chart if not Mumbai real estate. Indeed, Navi Mumbai can give handsome returns for investing in Land and Plots in 2022, Concludes Hirav Shah, Renowned Real Estate Business Astrologer™ and Strategist.

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