As we are aware of the fact that things aren’t all hunky-dory now, since the coronavirus outbreak is showing no signs of slowing, the pandemic has slashed corporate earnings, household incomes and consumer spending and plunged the economy into uncertainty.

Hence, in today’s unprecedented times, many NRIs are returning or planning on returning home for good, after spending many years abroad, for reasons such as retirement, loss of jobs, and so on.

And India is all set to welcome them, since there are several investment opportunities here !

But will there be any growth?
Can investment in them be a good strategy?
Is this going to reap dividends?

Meanwhile, Mr. Hirav Shah, the Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™, who has been working closely with many of the leading Developers, Infrastructure, and Real Estate giants of India, USA, etc as a Real Estate Strategist, Real Estate Investment Advisor, Property Investment Advisor quotes,
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Now, let’s discuss the somewhat – How favourable investment in Real Estate for NRIs here in India.

How favorable investment in Real Estate for NRIs here in India.

1. Property Investment-A Safe Bet

India has set a benchmark across the world in dealing with market fluctuations and health crises. The country has stood firm during the previous meltdowns of 2001 and 2008 with little impact on the economy. Investing in a Property in India is therefore a safe bet for most NRIs in terms of good return on investment and the security of the Indian market in tough situations.

2. Favourable Government Reforms

Further, watershed and courageous reforms taken in the last few years by the government such as the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, GST & other measures to cleanse the Real Estate sector have instilled a sense of confidence among NRI investors towards the Indian Real Estate market and increased transparency also. Controlled inflation and speculation free markets provide an opportune value to NRI investors and buyers to invest in the Real Estate market.

3. Powerful $ than the Indian rupee

The dollar is more powerful than the Indian rupee. Indian rupee value gets weaker due to various factors such as increasing trade deficit, lack of trust by foreign investors and contraction in the stock market.

The rupee has gone into a downward spiral in the wake of the crisis due to slowing economies and geopolitical tensions raging across the world.

The sentiment is consistent with Investing Cube, which predicts one dollar to equal 86.97 rupees by December 2025. A more bearish, longer-term outlook for the rupee is provided by Wallet Investor, which projects 91.78 as a maximum rate in November 2027.

The value of the rupee against the dollar has hit a historic low already. This development can tickle the expectations of NRIs who were waiting for a favourable opportunity to put-in money in Real Estate. With the stock market and gold prices going for a freefall, investing in Real Estate stands as a good bet for NRIs to hedge against potential risks, explains Astro Strategist™ HIrav Shah.

4. Attractive Deals and Lower Price

Aimed at attracting new customers, developers are offering buyers some of the best deals seen in a long while. Offers such as innovative payment schemes, lowest home loan interests and rental guarantee have resulted in increased demand for residential Real Estate. The combination of these exciting deals makes investing in residential properties advantageous.

The final argument here is that, all investments mentioned above are subjected to market risks, and more so now, due to the tumultuous situation, so then how do the NRIs get certainty and clarity, if they invest in India ?

Well, For the first time ever in History, You Will Be Able To KNOW THE ESTIMATED INCOME in ADVANCE for the next 6 months / 1 year, says HIrav Shah, Country’s Top Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™.

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