Hirav Shah, Popular Real Estate Astrologer and Strategist is of the opinion that Real Estate Investment in the commercial space in 2022, has a terrific future in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai, Chennai and Noida.

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1.Bangalore Real Estate in 2022 :

India’s biggest tech city Bangalore will experience increased demand for office space as a result of delayed decision making last year. Challenges will however be thrown up for both occupiers and investors due to restricted construction activity.

Meanwhile, the office space demand will reach 8 million square feet in Bangalore, making it equal to Beijing. Bangalore will also have the strongest rent growth outlook.

This happens to be the commercial real estate outlook for 2022 for the tech city. Momentum around data centers, e-commerce and logistics will add tailwinds to this growth.

So, investors in the commercial space- Look out for Bangalore.

2. Ahmedabad Real Estate in 2022 :

Owing to the infra developments, well-planned connectivity, livability, and world-class social infrastructure, Ahmedabad is attracting more and more potential investors in the commercial space.

The city is set to witness an increased traction from commercial investors and will emerge as a promising commercial location in 2022. Undoubtedly, this market will continue to lead the sector’s growth this year and beyond.

So, investors, you may think about Ahmedabad while investing in the commercial space !!

3. Navi Mumbai Real Estate in 2022 :

The biggest news pertaining to Navi Mumbai is that- Reality will be investing Rs 5,000 crore to build an IT park project in Navi Mumbai.

Do you know the reason ?

The reason is the growth of commercial real estate. The Navi Mumbai area commands a monthly rental of Rs 60-70 per square feet. Around 2-3 million square feet office space gets leased in this area.

The demand for office and data center spaces will rise meteorically in 2022 and beyond.
So, investors don’t ignore Navi Mumbai at all while doing commercial real estate investments!

4. Chennai Real Estate in 2022 :

Commercial real estate investment has a great future in Chennai. And this is due to the hybrid model, work near home and work from anywhere, prevailing… The impact on REITs, too, is expected to be marginal and hence, it’s wise to invest in commercial space in the city.

Fundamental factors combined with government initiatives will drive commercial space demand even higher in the near future. The liquidity scenario will improve going forward and the realty sector will receive the much-needed funding.

With such a buoyant demand atmosphere, there has been an increased deal flow over the past 12 months…

5. Noida Real Estate in 2022 :

In the commercial segment race in Delhi NCR, Noida is quickly catching up with other parts of the region. There is a greater need for real estate infrastructure, notably commercial space, as connectivity increases..

Due to the airport, Film City, and DMRC corridor, Noida’s commercial viability will be boosted. Particularly active are the Noida-Greater Expressway belt and the office zones (Sector 62 and 63) .

Noida’s physical and social infrastructure is undeniably better than those of other areas. Hence, get ready to invest in the commercial space in Noida in 2022.

Final Thoughts: Investing in Real Estate is like a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live. It is the purpose of your life, your well being and your happiness.

Lastly, you don’t have to look anywhere else if you want to invest in commercial space in 2022. Reputable Real Estate Strategist, Advisor & Astrologer Hirav Shah has just listed his top 5 picks above!

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