Setting up a business is one step. But sustaining and running it for a long period, while keeping customers and stakeholders happy and satisfied is another ball game altogether. It is here that India’s first and foremost astro strategist Hirav Shah comes into picture. His revenue forecasting is what the businesses need to thrive and succeed.

A business is based on how it does as, as days go by. A good business is one that has an enviable customer base, built over a period of time and uses the best market strategies to remain at the top.

It employs the best advisors, keeps a keen eye on the market and has updates of market trends. Trends play a crucial role in helping business tide over various hiccups that are bound to pop up during the course of running a business.

Business can be unpredictable

Business requires a strong plan of action, it requires a good supply chain, a well-prepared logistics plan and most importantly the capital to realise the dream of setting up a business or industry. But a business or industry is not just about products or services or both. It is also about the various stakeholders in question, that include logistics partners, supply chain partners and most importantly the employees that keep the business running.

As is said in business, it is not the boss who pays for the employees, but the customers. It is of vital importance for any kind of business to ensure a steady stream of customers. Developing a healthy business plan, engaging with customers through various advertising and marketing means and keeping them indulged at the point of sale is both a skill and an art.

Is a business good or bad? Well, not exactly says gastro strategist, corporate consultant and business developer consultant. While a wrong business plan and approach can mar a business or industry, sticking to time-tested practices and innovating in keeping with times is bound to make any business a success.

Conditions could change, this will impact business

Again, it has to be understood that all things do not remain static. Things and situations could change at various levels.

Money markets are often volatile, there could be glitches in supply chain, and logistics could end up being a headache due to delays and unforeseen conditions.

While sound market practices can bail out a business or industry, there are times when things get out of hand. Take the example of an architecture firm that is well-placed in the industry. But a pandemic like corona is least expected and it could change the functioning of the firm within days. The owner of the firm will be in a dilemma to either lay off her staff or hold on till things change for the better.

So is the case with restaurant business. A very good and popular business could turn bad, if the supply of veggies and meat falls short due to various reasons. Imagine a seafood restaurant and if seafood supply reduces, the restaurant is in deep trouble. It will have to reinvent the menu, but that may or may not help the business. Also, depending on the overall financial situation, the number of table covers is directly proportional to the spending power of people.

Let’s consider another example, organic foods. There is a huge fad and most people are turning to organic foods. However, their business survives due to supply to restaurants and supermarkets. However, in times of pandemic, like now, supply gets affected. So, the firm cannot anticipate its monthly or annual income.

Jewellery is another area that is hard hit due to market fluctuations. The market is such that people want to personally try and buy a product. There is little scope for selling online. This poses a huge challenge for the sector. When recession sets in, people are no longer keen on investing on precious stones, as gold makes for a safer investment.

On the other hand, realty is another business that has no certainty. Be it land or buildings, a realtor cannot take a said number for granted. Fall in real estate prices, recession, more supply and less demand, reduction in incomes, can directly impact the sales. Robust sales do not happen during periods of financial volatility.

So is the case with automobiles and bikes. While high-end automobiles and bikes may not be impacted much, a regular range of automobiles and bikes also feel the heat when the market is down.

Problems galore:

We have mentioned some industries and how they can be impacted due to fluctuating situations. That’s when uncertainty sets in and that’s when businesses consider cutting costs, cutting down on human resources and also shrink their production or services.

Estimated Revenue forecasting: How Hirav Shah can be a solution to your queries 

Benefits of revenue forecasting:

Imagine a situation when you can gauge the revenues that you will make in the coming six months or say one year. The industry statistics for various sectors give enough hints as to where an industry is headed. Statistics showing the data of allied industries is also of huge help as it will help you decide on what steps to take to make the business established and push growth.

The idea is to have a goal. Once a goal is set, then you can work towards achieving this goal. It also helps you figure out the gap between the goal and potential revenue.

  1. By researching and analysing the market, it helps you target your ideal customer, identify new opportunities and improve your sales performance.
  2. Due to these techniques, exponential growth can be achieved.
  3. When you have a plan of action, ie, if you have a road map for the future, you will come up with ways to achieve the goals you have set.

Benefits of knowing estimated income:

  1. It is ideal for strategic planning.
  2. You can build your organisation’s strengths
  3. Take steps to reverse weaknesses inherent to the business
  4. Maximise its response to opportunities
  5. Overcome organisation threats
  6. Helps in identifying core competencies of the firm or business
  7. It is helps setting objectives for strategic planning
  8. Past and current data will help in chalking out future plans
  9. Forecasting will help one have a better understanding of the future
  10. With insights from revenue forecasting one can address the weaknesses better
  11. It also helps take advantage of your strengths
  12. Most important part is that revenue forecasting helps in developing business goals and strategies and achieving them.

“Astro strategy is a step forward in unravelling the true potential of a business” says Business Strategist and Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah. 

Solution at hand – Hirav Shah:

So if you are facing problems of any kind, there will be solace if you are sure of returns in near future. If you have a fair knowledge of what they are going to make, then a business or industry will readjust its plans to make sure they make the most of such insights.


And this is here, astro strategist Hirav Shah can come to your rescue. With his vast knowledge of various industries and having dealt with innumerable cases pertaining to several sectors, Hirav Shah mixes business acumen along with astrological predictions to make sure you have the right solutions.

His predictions will help the business or industry to implement steps that will help them to sustain their market position and make a lasting impact when the right time comes.

Hirav Shah is one of his kind astro strategists offering timely solutions to businesses and is an avant garde astro strategist to dissect each of your problems and give expert advice on every aspect of your business or industry.

  • He identifies problems
  •  Suggests solutions based on his vast experience and knowledge
  • Help clients in planning a secure future by revenue forecasting.
  • Knowing one’s future for the next six months of one year will help them plan their future and make plans for their business, both in terms of expansion and in terms of sustainability.


Hirav Shah’s logic is simple: Why make less when you have the potential to make more.

Irresistible offer: Starting soon, Hirav Shah will be offering one question option to all those looking for viable solutions for their businesses or enterprises. The client can ask any question about expansion, liabilities, future of business, expansion to new territories. You name it and he will answer one question of your choice. Already astro strategist Hirav Shah is a known name in business circles and he is an industry frontrunner, who is offering such unique service just for anyone seeking his advice and consultation.