2021 is just two days away, and there’s hope for the New Year, thanks to the rollout of two coronavirus vaccines . It happens just as we reach yet another awful milestone – close to 1.8 million who’ve died from COVID-19. Back in March, all those deaths seemed unimaginable. Also, 2020 turned out to be a major write off for most businesses, across the planet, Says Hirav Shah, Famed Business Strategist.

What will happen to businesses, if there is another pandemic in 2021.

Well nobody knew about 2020’s fate, then we are just wondering what if !!

This serves to highlight the importance of having a robust, dynamic and actionable strategy in place, to manage your business during times of unexpected uncertainty and crisis, Opines Hirav Shah, Celebrated Business Astrologer™ and Consultant.

Indeed, a sound and dynamic strategy will aid your business to achieve its desired goals, to navigate unforeseen circumstances and to use its limited and expensive resources in the most profitable way especially during unpredictable times, such as we face today, Expresses Shah.

Shah Pens Down Steps, To Follow A Dynamic Actionable Business Strategy To Counter Another Pandemic If Any !!

1.Marketing Strategy

When times are tough marketing budgets are usually the first to be cut; this is a Mistake as marketing, especially social media marketing is the direct line of communication between the business and its customer base. Closing down this avenue of communication can have serious knock-on effects on the business, its brand and lead to a loss of revenue due to reduced sales down the line.

Creating a dynamic marketing strategy means being smart and analysing the unique environment your business now finds itself in, understanding the implications of the changing environment and the opportunities that may present themselves. Just because others are panicking and shutting down communication with their target audience doesn’t mean that this is the right course of action. Remember you want to create a business that has longevity and that may mean providing your customers with the value they aren’t getting elsewhere, especially during a time of crisis and uncertainty.

2.Human Resource Strategy

HR Strategy empowered though Tech solutions-
Can you let your offices go and work remotely?
Do you need as many employees or can you work with freelancers?
Can you negotiate to pay freelancers who were previously on a retainer for ad hoc work?
By providing your workforce with digital tools to up their productivity it will give them the security and control they need to perform.
Digital tools can help you and your employees remain productive and get the support they need to continue working effectively from home.


Are your apps and systems geared for remote working? It is imperative you understand the cyber security risks associated with a remote workforce and the possible weak points an unsecured home network can have on an organisation, to best prevent malware and data breaches.
Hacking attacks increase in a time of uncertainty – make sure you are prepared by running drills – what would you do if hacked? Phished? Data compromised?

4.Financial Strategy

rely on data

During a time of uncertainty and risk, it is critical that you cut costs and preserve cash flow.
Act quickly and analyse your business’s financial situation as it is imperative to its survival.
Negotiate with suppliers and try to turn fixed costs into variable costs where possible.
Develop a financial restructuring plan, get key stakeholders on board and include a post crisis section to be ready for expected changes.
Identify good revenue customers those who are loyal and consistent versus bad revenue customers who always try to drive down prices and expect more for less.
Renegotiate payment terms and retainers with your loyal customers as some money coming in is better than no money coming in and you want them to come back once things return to normal.

5. Knowing Things In Advance

Astrology is the only TOOL where you get to know things in advance before making any strategies or taking any massive action.
And when you gain certainty, you can execute with more potential !


So, only Astrology is the key right.

It is, but there is more.
Just hang in there !! Asserts Hirav Shah.

Business Strategist Hirav Shah Finally Quotes,
“In 2021, Only Through Astro-Strategy, For The First Time Ever In The World, You Will Get To Know the ESTIMATED INCOME From Your Business In ADVANCE, For The Next 6 Months / 1 year.

Astonishing and Unimaginable, Isn’t It ” !!