It is well-known that manufacturing trends keep on changing by each passing year. Especially in a fastly developing country like India, we usually witness a huge spike in both marketing and manufacturing trends, according to popular business strategist Hirav Shah.

After closely monitoring the change of technology usage and manufacturing trends from the past decade, here are a few highly successful Manufacturing trends in our country.

1. Cybersecurity

Considering the security and privacy policy issues, Cybersecurity is a major concern for every manufacturing industry. It is an important thing for all the manufacturers to be aware of all the risks while processing different facilities.

For the significant benefit for industrial maintenance practices, one should adopt the trending technologies from the improvement of the efficiency and output of the facility.

As vulnerability to cybersecurity grows, it automatically connects devices and machines which will be more secured, says Hirav Shah.

2. Introduction of VR and AR

The launch of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality brought impactful changes in areas like training and maintenance in various ways. They are bringing some real-time changes in the manufacturing industry.

A few uses with the launch of VR and AR

A) Hands-on training

In the VR environment, testing and training can be carried out by creating a lower and safer risk process.

B) Remote maintenance

Augmented reality allows for the maintenance technicians to carry out procedures from a remote location and make great strides in improving efficiency and reduce the skill gap in the industry.

C) Control over processes

By incorporating VR and AR techniques in the manufacturing industry, the management can get solid control over the process.

It helps for the more accurate and targeted results in the entire productive maintenance sectors.

3. How to fill the skill gap?

Skills gap remains to be a major issue cross various industries even after the launch of VR ( Virtual Reality) and AR ( Augmented Reality), opinions Hirav Shah

Depending upon the changing requirements, it is must to train the present and future workers in any industry. Currently, evolving tools of the trade such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, robotics are leading in the manufacturing sector and every work in the company should be at least trained with the basic knowledge regarding the changing technologies in the market.

4. Wearable tech

In order to gather the critical data more quickly and in an impressive manner, wearable tech is a very useful device generally inserted in headsets and Smartwatches with an attractive display.

Wearable tech is always on-demand data and information policy in the manufacturing industry.

5. Extended support from robots

Usage of robots in the manufacturing industry will only help for the smarter, safer growth of the manufacturing industry at a fast pace.

As robots are able to provide great benefits to the human workers, the efficiency in the manufacturing process and inventory system improves by leaps and bounds, says Hirav Shah

6. Focus on customer service

For any manufacturer, customer service should be a top priority to emerge as a successful production unit. By taking the help of the upgraded technology, maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer is not a big thing which indeed helps for the growth of a particular industry, opinions Hirav Shah.

Continues approach and data collection from the customers should be stored on the dashboard to witness more visibility into the production status.

By practising the above steps will only help for the improvement of performance and quality for a particular unit or industry.


According to Hirav Shah’s version, the changing trends in the manufacturing industry should be followed by all the production units and upgrade their workers to increase the annual turnover and emerge as a successful company in the market.