Marketers and demand generation experts face a lot of pressure from their teams to generate revenues. That’s where demand generation firms come into the picture. They put in great efforts for generating good quality leads and converting them to generating revenue for businesses. It is important to keep an eye on the latest demand generation trends to be able to deliver the best services. In this blog, celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah speaks about demand generation and tricks to boost it for your business growth.

Hirav Shah says, “One of the biggest challenges for new businesses, particularly startups and other companies operating in crowded markets, is demand generation. Distinctly different from lead generation, demand generation is a much more involved process – which makes it all the more challenging for new brands.”

He adds, “Demand generation can be accomplished through a gradual, comprehensive, and holistic process that often spans entire marketing departments.

Hirav Shah explains, “Think of demand generation as a long-term relationship between a brand’s marketing and sales teams, and prospective customers. Demand generation starts by identifying and qualifying prospective customers through content and inbound marketing, direct response and email campaigns, and events, before passing these leads to a nurturing team. This team then further qualifies these prospects through scoring systems depending on the stage at which the prospect is in the conversion funnel, before passing these highly qualified, nurtured leads onto the sales team.”

Hirav Shah lists down the top 5 demand generation tactics that can help your business grow:

1. Influencer marketing can do wonders

Influencer marketing has been around for the last few years and it helps a lot of enterprises achieve their business objectives. It is important to hire the best professionals for influencer marketing to reap the maximum benefits by reaching the right audience. Look for experienced agencies offering such services.

2. Email marketing still works

If you think that email marketing is dead, then you may be wrong. It is still one of the most popular and cost-effective forms of sales demand generation services that can help you spread the word about your brand. One major reason why most people avoid email marketing is that it is associated with less success rate. Newer email marketing techniques such as personalization can help you achieve great results.

3. Content is the king

When we talk about demand generation services, the content remains the king as most of the forms of online marketing solutions. Video and live streaming are the newest kinds of content for demand generation. Create a good amount of robust content that helps to generate higher volumes of organic traffic. It can be a good idea to design a content calendar that can help to save marketers’ time and efforts over social media presence.

4. Know your target audience


It is essential to understand what your target customers want and expect. Knowing your customers will help you plan the right strategies for demand generation services. This information will suggest the best possible content that will influence the buying decisions of the users.

5. Get accustomed to technology

It’s high time you should implement the latest tools and technologies for sales demand generation tactics. Leveraging the latest technologies, you should focus on automation and other future-ready solutions that help your business reach new heights.

Hirav Shah concludes the discussion by saying, “In a nutshell, you should work with your sales and marketing team closely to understand what exactly they require and help them get the best demand generation services that streamline the processes. Measure the success achieved from different activities and plan the best strategies for your business. Keep an eye on the results produced and focus on creating more qualified leads. It is essential to get quality leads rather than quantity when getting leads and inquiries for your business.

He finally adds, “Every business aims at closing more deals as quickly as possible. Not every prospect who showed interest in your products or services may purchase them. Hence, you should try out different initiatives that can help them convert. Demand generation firms should see the bigger picture, and understand the prospects and their expectations. Experienced demand generation marketers should be able to pull in the right customers for your brand to ensure long term business success for a brighter future.

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