Years back, during the struggle for Indian independence, many movements were launched by Mahatma Gandhi to secure India’s indigenous workers and promote self-reliance. The Gandhian Swadeshi movement resonated with the same idea of promoting Indian goods and boycotting foreign ones. This gave Indian craftsmen a chance to put forward their skills and earn their livelihood.
This also helped in promoting Indian culture and crafts that inculcated only in our country.

Today, after years, history is repeating itself as Indian designers are echoing the same ethos and promoting atma nirbharta, Opines Hirav Shah, Fashion Adviser and Business Strategist.

Also, because the Pandemic has slowed down the markets, that affects these clusters of craft.

The craft clusters of India are a unique combination of heritage, skill and dynamism. The products they create through their collaborative work in these clusters are both unique and contemporary and are in huge demand internationally, as indigenous crafts are now slowly languishing world over, and very few countries have living crafts.

This presents them with a huge opportunity to explore the international markets seeking handmade textiles and craft products.

Meanwhile, Hirav Shah picks the Top 5 Men’s Fashion Trends In 2021.

1. Embracing Local

We are talking about the ‘Vocal for Local’ movement initiated by our Prime Minister.

Swadeshi is one of the most important events in our journey towards Independence and we are so glad to be able to revive it to support the brilliant talent of our country.

India is blessed to have such a wide variety of Swadeshi products and fashion wear.
Its time to celebrate the true spirit of independence by shopping from the best Indian homegrown brands, Says Hirav Shah.

The below Swadeshi fashion brands have the best of fashion that is made in India, but they are all world class!

a.Berry Tree

This next homegrown Indian brand is all that a millennial needs. A good collection of basic and graphic t-shirts is essential for every man and Berry Tree gives you multiple options. The brand uses organic cotton exclusively.

b.MensXP Basics

Next one on our list is our very own brand made exclusively for men. The MensXP Basics is a conscious clothing brand that caters to men’s clothing that is sustainably sourced. It uses premium materials that are good for your wardrobe as well as the environment.

c.Fancy Pastels

Not only is this a homegrown brand, but is also traditional in its roots. We all know how rich in handcrafts India is and Fancy Pastels utilises this richness in the best possible ways. Their products have a modern take on the traditional Indian heritage and crafts.

2. Opulent Indian Traditional Wear

India is a land of religion, culture, and traditions. Moreover, these days, people all over the world are also adopting our traditional clothing. Isn’t it amazing that we Indians have a treasury of excellent traditional wear clothing such as Indian Embroideries, Mughal inspired silhouettes etc..

As for sumptuous weddings, festive occasions, and ceremonial celebrations, Indian traditional clothing has always been the favorite garment of the whole world.

In this period of turbulence, where everything is in full transformation, the Indian-style veneer is also undergoing a change. But one thing that remains alive is our love for Indian clothing. Although we have embraced the changing sensibilities of the world in style and fashion, we have managed to keep our traditional roots and our real heritage intact.

3. Whimsical Work Wear

For years, whimsical work wear for the office has been making the most noise in fashion. But in recent months, with the onset of the pandemic, luxury menswear brands have also been quietly building their fashion divisions to adapt to (transitioning) office attire. In fact, many apparel brands are now required to step out of their creative boundaries to execute reasonable change and accelerate to today’s work standards.

More to the point, brands are not only required to be focused and intense from the start but also, rather trying to create synergies between “fashion and office attire”.

Luxury brands are now grounded into a fresh vascular system of creativity and grounded in a new perspective. Remember, the secret sauce of rising up the ladder to corporate ascension is good style and good taste.

Metallic Hues, Retro Polka Dots and Contemporary Co-ords are just creating the right amount of noise in the area of Whimsical Work Wear.

4. Reimagining Menswear

Let’s face it, the apparel industry has suffered significant loss during the pandemic, with fashion shows and trade events almost entirely shut down since March 2020, putting new emphasis on developing fresh product offerings and new revenue streams. Today, consumers are demanding a re-imagination in menswear.

Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and feel confidently dressed. Simple, sophisticated and with unique combinations that are tastefully tailored and very comfortable, Tells Hirav Shah.

Experimental cuts, vintage fashion and functional outerwear are hence, making the right noise in the market, Opines Shah.

5. Functional Clothing

Men today are wanting multi-functional clothes. An outfit that can be worn in different looks. Filling in the gap between their western side of the wardrobe and the Indian side. Functional clothing may be developed ‘in the round’ with design lines related to fit, proportion, and the positioning of design features and smart attributes around the body, directly responding to the particular demands of the body and end-use. In creating functional garments in relation to the contours of the body, both design lines and ergonomic cutting lines often work in harmony and may merge into clean, minimal styling. Adopted in a pared-down way ; one colour is all you need in the functional clothing area, Says Shah.

Final Thoughts

The key to retaining your sartorial self-respect lies in the ability to successfully differentiate between the fleeting fads and the future classics.

Meanwhile, Menswear of the future will always be defined by its intense connectivity of interdependence with the consciousness of mankind, Hirav Shah Concludes.