There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen.

Fashion industry leaders have an opportunity today. They can make things happen.
They have to make things happen.Like really happen !!

Yes, the much needed push – business wise, strategy wise, planning wise and execution wise, can be given by the one and only Hirav Shah’s 7 step strategy.

You only need to consult him.

He is the one, responsible for a 360 degree turnaround of businesses across all sectors.

So, here’s how Hirav does it…

The 7 Fundamental Hirav Shah’s Signature Approach

1.Project / Business Analysis

The pandemic has presented the fashion industry with an opportunity to pause, reflect and rethink its future.

Winners in the post covid world will be those that reset with sustainability in mind- shifting to more practical models that move away from the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ system and allow for more transparency along the supply chain with greater cohesion between brands and suppliers.

An out-and-out GAP & SWOT analysis (which are business management tools flexible enough to tackle just about every type of problem), can also really help as to, how to proceed and take the best steps forward.

2.Business Formation

Because of the COVID-19 situation, people have started to realise the importance of a healthy society more than ever. The demand for sustainable products is thus expected to grow.

New norms like better partnership, rebuilt trust, transparency, sustainability and deeper collaboration will be the new reality. These things need to be kept in mind while forming any fashion / apparel business formation now.

You should look for long-term relationships that are healthy for all actors in the supply chain. The more important your role is within the customer supply chain, the more likely it is that a business relationship will change into a partnership. To develop a partnership, you should focus on solving your customer’s problems. These could be order-financing, transparent and sustainable production, sourcing and production flexibility.

To rebuild trust, transparency and sustainability, you must embrace digitalisation and new technology in your sustainability programmes.

On the whole, you need luck and an auspicious foundation too of the business.

BTW, Hirav Shah is a pioneer in enhancing luck and good fortune with the principles of Astro-science.

3.Sales Timeline and Estimated Income

Closer home, the ability of India’s clothing industry to serve overseas buyers has been devastated by the country’s ongoing second Covid-19 wave, with a collapse in domestic orders, workers fleeing urban areas and disrupted upstream supplies slashing industry capacity.

But, no worries…

Like vaccines is a proven formula for covid, likewise, there’s a formula that Hirav Shah, India’s leading Business astrologer has used for years, for himself and for some of the greatest businessmen in the world that he has worked with. The secret formula to create momentum is Hirav’s sense of certainty of success. Also he projects the sales timeline & estimated income on the table.

With Hirav Shah’s estimated financial prediction of your business income, you can make use of the knowledge received in advance, like a GPS to reach desired heights.


Product pricing will become a key aspect in the post covid world. The industry will change along with the change in consumer behaviour.
With correct pricing, business profits can definitely be amplified. And, business value can be maximised while taking into account consumer and market demand.


Do you know, one of the richest personalities, Bernard Arnault, also called the $100 Billion Man, is largely from the fashion sector. Bernard has been able to stitch together the world’s third biggest fortune with Louis Vuitton, Dior and 77 other brands.

Which means, Sky’s the limit…

In this business !

Isn’t it?

If you have a positive mindset and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for much bigger challenges.

6.Astro Strategy™

After a year and half in which the fashion industry posted record-low economic profits, business leaders now need to be on the front foot, seeking to innovate while continuing to engage their core constituencies.

Given the disruptions of recent months, some companies are reconnecting with their supply chains, making tough decisions—for example, about ROI at store level—and ramping up omnichannel services.

As we move toward June 2021, companies in the beauty segment have a chance to align with shifting category and regional opportunities.

All said, nothing can give you the certainty of success, at least that’s what the pandemic taught.

Only, with Astro-Strategic support, you can get the clarity of outcome and certainty of results.

Whether it’s Launching, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Diversification, Mergers or Acquisition, solely Astro-Strategy can serve as the savior today and can help to evaluate and re-evaluate strategies, to ensure you produce consistent outcomes.


Now, fashion leaders should focus on re-sizing operations, including upgrading sales channels and adopting new technologies. The business heads should reset their wholesale and retail partnerships and streamline their sales process.

Companies need to invest in upgrading and expanding their websites to provide an optimal e-tail experience. They can strategise on extending ties with multi-brand platforms like Amazon. Reducing supply costs and increasing flexibility by adopting an efficient inventory management process can prove to be beneficial for retailers.

All in all, the pandemic is upending almost every aspect of our lives; the fashion sector is no less.
With Astro-Strategy as a force, this sector can also be ready for a makeover like many other sectors.

Final Thoughts

To be successful, you have to begin with two beliefs:

The future can be Better than the present


Your efforts coupled with Astro-Strategy, have the power to make it so.