The COVID pandemic has taken a massive hit on all the sectors of the economy across the globe. While it has been a bit easier for professionals and MNCs to adopt work from home as the new normal and continue business as usual, the times have been challenging around the world for the education system. With disruptions everywhere, several citizens, concerned scholars, bureaucrats, and politicians support the need for reimagining and reinventing the education system. Hence, comes in the smart school systems.

Celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah says, “In the world that has adopted the “No Touch” rule, schooling systems are also actively integrating. Truly, smart classes have snuggled into every household today. Indeed, every time calls for change according to the needs. So did the present generation. However, the advent of smart classes was gaining momentum at a moderate pace lately, until the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic globally. Schools had no other option but to switch the mode of study online only. In a way, it can be said that this obstacle rather became an opportunity. Also, it is a great chance to assimilate the students with the digital-savvy world. So, let’s unlock the infinite potential this technology gives us today.

Outcomes of the Smart Classes

As the smart classes for schools embrace the educational systems today, here are the essential outcomes of this technology: –

1. Increased Rates of Attendance- Since every kid can connect to the classes with “zero-distance” travel from home, there has been an exponential surge in the rate of attendance today the significant outcome of the smart classes.

2. Accessibility- Smart classes come with flexible portability. This is because students can attend the classes with their laptops and mobile phones. Therefore, they can simply access the classes from wherever they are.

3. Integration of The Key Elements of Schools- The education system comprises three essential elements: Parents, Teachers, and Students. Smart classes bring all three of them on a common platform together. Students and teachers are already able to interact in a digitally advanced manner. The parents can also always stay in touch with the teachers and interact with them on virtual platforms. So there is immense freedom and accessibility to keep a tab over the students’ performance and overall classroom experience.

Potential Setbacks of Smart Classes

See, there are many opportunities and features of the smart classes. One must understand that even the best of the things in the world has their repercussions. However, there is enormous potential despite setbacks that cannot be ignored. Remember, a coin always has two sides. Therefore, let’s have a look at the other side of smart classes.

1. Content Creation takes intense work- Managing the classes on the Integrated Learning Platforms employs technicalities. There may be the situation of software issues, technical glitches, etcetera. This may sometimes break the momentum of the classes.

2. Real Life Interaction- Indeed, virtual interaction is no less than face to face interaction. However, when one walks out of their homes or comfortable spaces, they, in a way, break the inertia. They face the real world, scenarios that may be divided into the virtual world. However, this is equally important as it makes the kids street smart. Therefore, this may be a setback for virtual classes. However, owing to the current situations, it is an undeniable reality that students have to stay in comfortable places as health comes first.


See, when it comes to smart classes, don’t limit it only to the houses or some comfortable spaces. When this concept was first introduced, it got introduced very much in the classrooms. The present need of the hour is such that there is no option but smart schools at home only. However, once the situation gets better, this concept can “jolly-well” be incorporated into the schools. So, instead of an obstacle, it is a chance to transform the school spaces too. With intelligent infrastructure and real-life scenarios, smart classes can seamlessly embed in all situations. The time is calling for such a development to happen.

Hirav Shah wraps the discussion by saying, “Smart Schools are the language of Modern schools. As the times step into a new era, each individual’s responsibility is to shoulder their steps together towards a brighter future.