Dedicate today and every day to the power of choice. You own that power.The choice of yours. You can’t choose everything that you experience in life, but what you can choose is mightier than any circumstance, result, or other person’s opinion.

Where you concentrate your mind, how you use your words, and how you treat yourself and others, are all up to you. One chapter at a time, you solely are the writer of your own story- Tells Hirav Shah, The Man Behind So Many Successful Brands All Across The Globe.

Power of our intentions

We all have the power to choose what we take in and what we release. We eventually decide what we share, what we keep, and what we let go.

How long we stay crazy and how long we wait to reach for hope, when we say yes and when we say no, and how long we say only what others want to listen to, are all up to us. Whether we see the universe with gratitude or resentment begins with a choice.

It’s not that anyone decides suffering, though. You can’t think of a single person who’d decide despair or pain. No one elects humiliation to be their shadow. Not even dullness is a choice. We just forget our superpower sometimes, or maybe underestimate the power of our intentions.

Whenever you feel your thoughts become negative, just remember that it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to be slaves to your pasts. You don’t have to go through life with emotional scars.

You don’t have to let negative experiences define you.

Furthermore, you all have power over your lives. It may be difficult to see, but it’s always there. You always have a choice.

Why We Lose Power

All of us are superheros. We have so many superpowers. The problem is we don’t use them.

We have the power to day no. We have the power to say yes. Likewise, we have the power to stay. We have the power to go. We have the power to do. Not only that, but we have the power to not do. Furthermore, we have the power to choose. We have the power to decide.

So many powers…but we don’t use them. Why ? Fear. Insecurity. Low Self worth. We are constantly worried about what they will say. We are constantly worried about what society has to say, whether people will like us, whether people will love us.

And so, we start outsourcing our emotions, our inner peace, and we give away our power to society and to people to control us. And what’s when we lose our power-Says Hirav Shah, Prolific Business Transformation Leader & Business Advisor.


You got to empower yourself with the powers that you already have within…you have that power to decide today-How you want your life to be, how you want your work to be, how you want your health to be, how you want your emotional health to be and how you want your spiritual power to be.

Know the power of reflection, a powerful tool. A gift to mankind, sit down. Close your eyes. Center yourself with a couple of deep breaths and then reflect on what it is that you are grateful for.

You have that power. You own that power. You keep that power-Concludes Celebrated Business Enhancement Expert.