Positivity: Maintaining a positive mindset can be challenging, especially during difficult times. However, there are strategies you can use to control your thoughts and focus on positivity. Hirav Shah, a renowned strategist, shares some tips to help you cultivate a positive mindset and improve your overall well-being.

Your mind is the most powerful tool

From staying up too late, to checking emails obsessively, to eating too many carbs, ‘taking your mind’s control’, is something you all struggle with, on a daily basis. Although some of you may fail to believe it, you all possess the ability to develop your mind’s self-control. It is a quality that separates you from the animal kingdom, due to your enlarged prefrontal cortexes. Instead of immediately responding to impulses, you can plan and evaluate your actions beforehand, Says Hirav Shah, Celebrated Influencer and Business Strategist cum Adviser.

Your mind is the most powerful tool of your body and you can do wonders and create all the good things in life by using this tool. But if it is not used correctly, it can be the most destructive force in your life. One needs to control his/her mind to think positive and spread positivity in life. As the brain is the supreme organ in the human body, it is to be revered by controlling it, adds Hirav Shah.

Here, Hirav Shah lists down strategies which will help you to control your mind and push it towards positivity.

1. Reading

Reading is the best food for your mind. Your mind needs something to feed. It’s just like your stomach. Your brain also requires something to gather in the form of information or imagination. Brain needs it’s daily food and what better than what, reading could serve. Develop reading as a daily habit, be it a daily newspaper, an interesting magazine, a novel or any book. When you read , your brain reacts to it very actively. It will help your brain to concentrate after some interval, which is a sign that you can control your brain’s activities.

2. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most natural ways to calm and center your mind. The philosophy of meditation centers on the fact that the mind can only focus on one thought at a time. Infact, Meditation could be considered as the best medicine.Meditation will help you to control your mind and instill stability. Patience is all you need to control your brain’s activities, which can be achieved through meditation. It takes time to achieve, so keep trying until you gain some kind of a hold. This will surely help you to keep your mind calm and focussed.

3. Stick To A Healthy Diet

If your belly is healthy, you can enjoy your life to the max. What you eat is proportional to your brain’s functioning. Intake of quality food, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, is vital for a healthy mind. Avoid eating junkies, as they lack the nutrition value. Give emphasis to protein, fibre and a liquid diet. Acidity stops the proper functioning of the brain, and acidic influx retards the functioning of the brain. A healthy, balanced diet will help in controlling your mind and pushing it towards positivity.

4. Proper Sleep

This is important for a healthy mind. Early to bed and early to rise is the mantra to a healthy mind and body. Sound sleep is all you need, to control your mind. A few lifestyle habits like using a mobile phone before going to bed, watching something disturbing or intaking some inappropriate drink may lead to a sleep disorder.

So, watch out for your sleeping habits and ensure a proper sleep.

5. Figure Out Your Resistance

When your subconscious minds hold you back from pursuing something that you love, it is because you are holding a conflicting belief about it.
To identify your resistance, question yourself. Find a way to meet those needs before you proceed.

6. Change your perspective

Changing your perspective helps trick your mind into considering yourself as another person, giving you distance from your own hardships. Self-talk can go a long way towards helping you change your mindset but the way to do it, is what matters.

Consciously examining situations in third-person perspective helps you to break the vicious circle in your mind and explore your feelings productively. You just require some practice and patience to control your mind. You require not be a psychic to do so. In a nutshell, people who follow these feelings and tasks are more likely to control their mind sooner or later.

7. Have a master plan for your life

Forget five or even 10 year plans; so much changes over time it’s nearly impossible to set goals that you’ll be able to keep. Most likely, new or even better opportunities will surface, and though your life won’t look like you thought it would, you’re better off for that.

Instead, have a master plan. Identify your core values and motivations. Ask yourself what is the ultimate goal of what you want to accomplish while you are alive; imagine the kind of legacy you want to leave. Once you have your Big Picture values identified, you can make decisions for the long-term that align with your true self.

8. Be Present In The Moment

As per a study, “we spend more than 40 percent of the time mind-wandering—not paying attention to the here and now.”

You need to learn to control your “monkey brain.” This expression loosely means that we humans are still animals and we have these rapid-fire thoughts that constantly race through our minds. When one leaves, another negative thought quickly takes its place.The self-limiting thoughts take over and could easily paralyze you into inertia.

Try to be Zen. This involves the art of remaining in the present, appreciating the moment and letting go of any baggage.

Final Thoughts

All the strategies mentioned above will help you take control of your mind and push it towards positivity, Says Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah Quotes, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so learn to embrace it

When you hit what you think is a breaking point, don’t resist it, but embrace it. Walk right into it. Often these moments are occurring precisely to illuminate what you’re missing in your life, and what you deeply long for. When you learn to embrace rather than fight the lessons these challenging moments are trying to teach you, suddenly a new path becomes clearer and more possible than ever before, Concludes Hirav Shah