To connect it to Mumbai and other states, Thane is blessed with a good road and rail network. From a tiny village to a well-constructed city in recent years, Thane has grown by leaps and bounds.

In the near future, there are many new areas that will grow and expand and hence folks are relocating to Thane and more so now…

Due to the government’s massive development plans for Thane, plot costs are slowly and steadily rising.Thane is now developing as an emergent real estate paradise for investors…

So, are you not willing to invest in plots in this real estate hotspot !!

You must and you should“-Suggests Hirav Shah, Renowned real estate Investment Advisor and real estate Astrologer.

Top Locations to invest in Thane

1 Ghodbunder road

Through many prime localities like Kasarvadavali, Kavesar, Hiranandani Estate, Brahmand, Patlipada, and Majiwada of Thane West, Ghodbunder road runs…

Ghodbunder Road has become one of the most prime real estate investment destinations for plot or land investors, due to numerous infrastructural developments in various stages of completion or approval.

Also stationed at the Ghodbunder Road is the metro rail (that is being proposed), which will travel between Thane and Wadala.

So, it looks almost clear that the land investors in Thane can scale up their investments undoubtedly.

And, 2022 is a favorable year where you can invest in plots in Thane“-Suggests Hirav Shah, Prolific real estate Astrologer.

2.Kolshet road

From Ghodbunder Road, now comes Kolshet Road which acts as a bypass for Ghodbunder Road. Yes…

It is already in it’s developing stage. As a testimony to the development, there is Mumbai University’s Sub Center’s construction which has also been started in the locality and it also has several schools, hospitals close by.

With plenty of open space and greenery around, the 6-lane Kolshet road has emerged as a prime hotspot for plot and land investors and this will continue to be so in 2022 and beyond too.

So, pull up your socks and don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in plots in Kolshet Road“-Suggests Hirav Shah.


One can look at growing returns on plot investments in the next 5-6 years in Manpada, a prime location in Thane.

With several projects already underway, Manpada is seeing massive development really and is a great place to invest in plots- and this from a long term point of view.

There are great bonuses as well as the nearby metro will be operational by 2023 and the proximity of the railway station is around 5.5 km while the Mumbai airport is around 25kms from Manpada.

Final Thoughts

Plot investment in Thane can be an excellent money-saving investment which will guarantee higher returns in years to come“- Opines Hirav Shah.

Concerning Thane in 2022, which is located in the central axis of Mumbai city which enhances connectivity to all regions of Mumbai, it’s booming infrastructure development, adds benefit to the plot investors. And also, Thane is such a blessed location with many good layouts for land investors.

Thane is one of the most favored cities in India to invest in land in 2022 and this is certain-Concludes Hirav Shah, India’s Most Recognised real estate Astrologer and Strategist, Globally.