By the end of 2022, Raleigh is forecast to gain between 15,000 and 18,000 net new jobs which is a growth rate of 3%, and higher than what is expected for the nation.

So this naturally means, people will come over here in huge huge numbers and it will give rise to real estate investment because people will need places to stay and rent.

If looking at Raleigh as a potential real estate investment destination, don’t look at it, invest and actually do in 2022- Suggests Hirav Shah, The Most Prominent Real Estate Astrologer, Strategist and Advisor, Globally.

Population Growth in Raleigh, North Carolina :

With a population density that’s similar to Atlanta and Austin, Raleigh is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan. While Raleigh’s high percentage of baby boomers and millennials help keep the job and housing market strong, diversity in the city is on an increase.

With a population growth rate more than double that of the state, the Raleigh-Cary metro area is the fastest-growing city in North Carolina. The population grew by 25.6% compared to 11.2% for North Carolina over the past decade.

Raleigh is ranked as one of the fastest-growing places in the Nation, with university graduates electing to stay while others get pulled to the city for job opportunities.

Looking at all of these be the job market or population growth or other factors, it’s only wise to invest in real estate in Raleigh in 2022- Suggests Hirav Shah.

Real Estate Market and Statistics in Raleigh, North Carolina :

One of the hottest zip codes in the country for buying and selling houses is home to Raleigh. For housing construction growth Raleigh was also ranked as the #1 large market in 2021 as more millennials and more population moved to the metro area.

Based on key criteria such as housing market activity and economic vitality, Raleigh is also ranked as the 4th best emerging housing market for investors.

Raleigh’s Home Value Index is $396,232 lately. Over the last year, home values in Raleigh have increased by 28.8%.

Home values in Raleigh have increased by nearly 70% over the past 5 years.

$196 is the Median listing price per square foot.

33 is Days on market (median).

Triangle Town Center is the most affordable neighborhood to buy a home in Raleigh, where the median listing price is $282,500.

Also, based on key metrics such as share of renters and rental vacancy, rent-to-price ratio and historical rental-price changes, Raleigh is one of the best cities for renters in the U.S. Sounds super positive right…

Final Thoughts:

Real estate investing in Raleigh is a major store of wealth that is more widely held than stocks.

Based on important metrics such as economic vitality, housing market, and quality of life, Raleigh is one of the top 20 emerging housing markets for homeowners and investors alike.

What more you need, go and invest in real estate in Raleigh in 2022-Concludes Hirav Shah, Real Estate Investment Advisor Who Has An Astounding Global Influence.