The real estate industry has undergone turbulent changes since March 2020. The pandemic has real estate agencies and investors scrambling to find new solutions to operate effectively and safely. The way agents interact with sellers, buyers and renters has shifted dramatically.

Real estate investors are struggling to figure out how to maximize their investments over time.

But now, there is absolutely no need to fear…,
since Hirav Shah is here.

Hirav is the most influential Strategist / Adviser / Consultant in the Real Estate World.

Having managed his father’s real estate business for a short period, Hirav knows the process and struggles in and out. His expertise in providing a timeline for clearance of unsold properties or inventory is unprecedented.

Now, let’s quickly have a glimpse of his genius 7 fundamental signature approach.

1.Project Analysis

GAP Analysis – This helps in finding out the gaps that are existing in the business by analyzing your business’s potential and actual results of what you are getting.

It also helps in bridging these gaps in your business. It is an important factor as it finally leads to your business success.

SWOT Analysis – The SWOT analysis of the real estate business would help to see things from different angles like strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business has to face.

This is an effective tool which can help enhance your real estate business’s productivity and profitability.

2. Business Formation

Real Estate business set-up is a task full of efforts, and for most of the times, if the efforts towards the business are true, success is still very difficult to achieve, especially today in such terrible times.

And this, despite Real Estate being one of the most lucrative businesses ever.

Apart from the much needed efforts, there are many other factors which matter and actually, these matter a lot…

The Company Name, Logo, Web, Print, Digital Presence etc… These can ensure, the brand assets are advantageous for the firm, thereby creating an enthusiastic impact in people’s minds.

The real estate market has never been tighter and that is the reason an auspicious foundation is also required, which can help in formulating and executing strategies effectively.

3.Sales timeline and estimated income

Homes aren’t selling as they used to. They are’t selling at a record-setting pace as everybody had expected.

With endless lockdowns when things are on a standstill, what developers are mostly keen at is, ” when will their properties sell at a record-setting pace? “.

They need the “sales timeline” so that they can plan and strategize in advance.

And the good news is, now you can be certain about the sales timeline.

But hang on…
There is more to it.

You can also know the estimated annual or half yearly income in advance and all of this is happening for the first time ever.

Having the knowledge of estimated annual or half-yearly income in prior, can pave the way for an assured approach towards strategizing. This not only will enhance the chances of success, but also will accelerate it.

4. Pricing

If a demand slowdown has been keeping price growth in the real estate market in check, the pandemic, which threatens to drastically impact global economic growth, would wipe off any chances of value appreciation in the property market. In the near future, expecting price appreciation would be nothing but wishful thinking.

Also expected is a further slowdown in the coming months, given that attendant activities are at a standstill. With construction already coming to a grinding halt, project completions are slated to be postponed.

Point is “correct pricing” is VITAL today.

Correct pricing can help to establish the best price for properties so as to maximise profits in the future.

5. Mindset

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they might actually be falling into place.”

Get that !

The Show is not over yet.

Challenges are what make business interesting. Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful and fruitful .

6. Astro Strategy

Will Real Estate go Up or Down in the Year 2020?

The Pandemic has rapidly made “real estate as usual” a phrase from the distant past.

There is no “usual” in this uncertain time.

But, don’t you worry.

Today with the help of Astro-Strategy, Real Estate industry can outmaneuver uncertainty building resilience they can count on, no matter the changes that come.

Be it Real Estate Marketing or Sales or Advertising or Diversification or Merging, only Astro-Strategical consultation and direction can help you build a bulletproof strategy to achieve your business goals, come what may…

7. Execution

The demand slowdown in the housing and commercial segment has already curtailed sales, project launches, and price growth in the realty sector. Due to the lockdowns announced on account of the COVID-second wave outbreak, both construction and sales activity have almost come to a halt, across the entire real estate sector.

Now the question is -what to do and how to do, how to go about it and what’s the certainty of the outcome !!

But, first things first. You have to get started first. A lot of people dream big but never get started. So, get started with all your efforts and resources.Then, Astro-Strategy can help you find the path or pivot that maximizes your chances of success. A massive action powered by Astro Strategy can certainly help you execute strategies effectively.


While the adverse effects of the pandemic are already being felt across the world, opinions are emerging on COVID-19’s impact on the real estate sector.

But this will not at all suffice.
What will you do with just opinions??

You need to act and act fast.

Why not go for your real estate check-up to Hirav Shah (like you go for your health check-up ) ?