Business owners worldwide know that, the key to a sustainable and profitable business plan is, to be aware of what lies ahead. Having certainty of potential outcomes for every plan of action will help reap rewards for your businesses. It can be any business including Real Estate.
As we know that, with Hirav Shah’s Astro-Strategic opinion, real estate owners & developers have gotten a comprehensive business strategy ; that has indeed guaranteed the certainty of sales for any ongoing or upcoming projects and this we are talking of last year, the most terrible of all years !!

Importance Of Marketing

Marketing is a critical component of a real estate business, and it can tip the scales toward success or failure.
Unless you’re an agent, investor or owner with a large platform, getting in front of the right audience takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, Asserts Hirav Shah, Real Estate Astrologer & Astro-Strategist.

Hirav Shah Adds

Closer home in the industry today, developers cannot hope to create the perfect product without a detailed market research and analysis to track market trends or without identifying their target audience. They will only reach users in the right location and income segment for their projects, with an efficient marketing and branding strategy.

Most marketers fail when they believe that the customer is already aware of their desire to own a home. That journey truly begins when this need of owning a home is first triggered through an undeniable proposition.
Once this trigger is created, and the customer is convinced they need a home, other impulses, such as exploring competitive offerings and creating a consideration set, follow. At this stage, it becomes fairly important to create a brand salience and come across as better than the rest.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies As Suggested By Hirav Shah

1. Get a fully responsive real estate website

When building your website, focus on both aesthetics and functionality. Ensure that you address things like the overall speed of the site, ease of navigation, quality of the content, sharpness of the photos and so on. Don’t bombard visitors with too many ads all over the place, and ensure that it’s a site that people want to continue to check back on with fresh content and properties added regularly.
A successful online nearness is one that works and looks awesome on any stage. Ensure your site is anything but difficult to explore whether your potential client utilizes a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

2. Capture more email subscribers

Grow your database by offering helpful assets, for example, selective market reports, free ebooks, or downloadable gifts that they can access upon email enrolment.

3. Stay in touch with your contacts

Send no less than 1 pamphlet multi month to the email addresses you’ve gathered. Highlight blog posts, up and coming open houses, new homes, industry occasions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Utilize administrations like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact to assemble and convey alluring and convincing marketing emails.

4. Study how drip email marketing works

Email marketing might be modest and simple, yet you would prefer not to try too hard and lose readers all the while. Understanding trickle email marketing will enable you to create vital, opportune, and successful correspondence that supports your leads and increases rehash visits to your website.

5. Claim or update your Google Business profile

Make sure to add your office hours, description, services, logo, team photos, and office photos.

6. Location

Ensure that the location stick marker of your office on Google Maps is precise. This is essential to Local SEO.

7. Leverage the Yahoo! Bing Network

Don’t forget to claim or update your Bing Places listing, too.

8. Explore SEO for real estate

A routinely refreshed and calibrated battle will enable you to appreciate long haul visibility on Google Search Results.

9. Get more followers & take care of your online reputation.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are your best friends. Post unique and helpful content to spark real conversations with commenters. Also, set up a company profile on commonfloor , 99acres, magicbricks and get your happy clients to post their reviews.

10.Become an Expert In Your Niche

One great way to market real estate is to simply become an expert in your niche. When you’re an expert, you’ll command authority. You won’t need to sell, you’ll simply be attracting buyers to you. This clearly doesn’t happen overnight nor does it happen easily, but it does happen over time.

Ensure that you share lots of useful content and that you set yourself up as an expert. Don’t try to come off as someone who knows more than they do. Always be investigating and learning, then share those things with the world through the proper social media channels, and eventually people will look to your advice and you’ll attract more and more buyers and sellers this way.

Why Ask

Influential Real Estate Strategist & Celebrated Astrologer, Hirav Shah Predicts- The sector will definitely have a more positive outlook in the coming months of 2021. With improved buyer sentiment, a positive impact can be seen on the fence sitters, who will now come out and invest, further increasing the demand for more dynamic layouts considering the new normal. Organic growth will be the way forward, as the crisis has reinforced the need to own a home, amongst Indians. Lowered home loan rates, attractive payment plans, and the depreciated value of the rupee will also feed into demand.
In commercial real estate, markets will continue to recover throughout this year, as leasing activities will gain momentum. Apart from office leasing, co-working spaces, warehouses, and data centres are expected to register a sharp increase in leasing.

Hence for a struggling real estate business: To understand and set the priorities of the future, to recognize the overall market impact, to ensure seamless business continuity & to undergo business transformation, its vital to approach the Best Strategist in Business.

The Window Of Prosperity Is Open,
All You Gotta Do Is “Ask”.