Is your great idea wonderful enough?

Find out before you launch a company.

In this modern digital age, many youngsters are planning to start their own business. In spite of lacking adequate experience, these young people have creative ideas and enough determination to become their own boss.

Being a startup founder is hard enough, but making common mistakes can often lead to a total disaster. Here are 7 points every startup’s founder should consider before they start.

One – Qualities in Nature

Hungriness, Committed, Ambitious!

You should have the above qualities & without these qualities, it’s very difficult to walk on a rough roadmap.

Two – Role Model

Have a Role model for your particular field.

Our brains are wired to connect and mirror the behavior of others. Role models provide a vision, and visual proof, for whom we aspire to be. When you see desirable values, traits, language, and behavior in others, your brain instinctively wants to copy it. Always keep a successful role model from which industry you want to get in…to become like him. It helps you get confidence. It also gives motivation and guides your mind to set proper mindset in all struggles and hopes for success.

Three – Startup Goal

Fix up your goal for 1 year or 2 years (You should know what exactly you want to achieve)

Four – Reasons for doing startups

You should know why you want to do these startups. You should know if you will achieve your goal, what exactly the benefits you want to achieve for yourself, and the same for society.

Five – Your Current Situation

You should be also aware with your current situations of what’s lacking and what you are having in terms of finance, capabilities, Human Resources, Research, Consistent Approach, Support System, etc

Six –How you can do it?:

What you need to do, What capabilities or tools or you need to learn to accomplish your goals.

Seven – Astro Analysis

If you get chance, try and get an analysis of your project by an Astro Strategist™

What are the chances to achieve a goal in 6 months or 1 year? It helps to find out how many gaps you have to achieve your goal, what’s your weakness, and the strength of the project, what are the chances of opportunities are there and in which direction. It’s very helpful guidance you can have it. Analysis also helps to make strategies.