Mental attitude is the one which always changes a person’s mindset. If your mind is fantastic and surrounded by healthy and positive thoughts, then it is fine. But if the mind comes across bad and pathetic circumstances, then they have a significant impact on the mind and become the root cause for negative thinking.

What is Negative Thinking?

Negative thinking or negative thoughts are random incidents or events reflecting a person’s state of mind. In some cases, negative may even lead to depression due to the increased level of negatively within him/her, says reputed Astro strategist and business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Usually, humans tilt towards negative thinking, as it is more normal than positive thinking. The state of mind and a person’s thoughts mainly depend on his/her education and the environment one has been living in.

The scenario is different, if a person is brought up in a healthy ecosystem, there is a greater chance that it will be simpler as a way to assume undoubtedly. But, when you have been witnessing beneath bad or hard situations in the growing process, you may more probably be attracted to negative thinking.

How to overcome negative thinking

In order to overcome it, Hirav Shah recommends the below six easy and simple steps to follow on a daily basis.

1. Try to interact with positive people

Make it a habit to meet more people, who have a positive mindset and cool attitude because their behavior and feedback boosts up confidence in you and won’t let negative thoughts come into the mind.

Interacting with positive people works as a quick change in each individual who is struck in negative thoughts and thinking.

2. Practice smiling

Smiling works as a big sigh of relief and brings positive energy to each individual. This really changes your mood and relieves stress instantly.

People who are suffering from negative thinking should make it a daily activity by going in front of the mirror and start smiling forcefully or casually.

3. Practice meditation or Yoga

One of the best ways to stay away from negative thoughts is focusing on positive energy, which usually happens when you start doing meditation or Yoga and prayer on a regular basis. How do prayers work: Everything is energy. The power of prayer is, quite simply, the power of god, who hears and answers prayer.

Yoga and meditation are similar kinds of activities where you get a chance to channelize your mind and thoughts at one place and derive positive energy through concentration.

Yoga stabilizes your mind and helps to generate positive thoughts, says Hirav Shah

4. Helping others

By switching the focus from you to some good work for the other people or shelterless animals will also help as a major source to ignore negatively.

For instance, if you are alone at home and feel like the negative energy is surrounding you, immediately go to the kitchen, cook something, go on roads and donate it to the poor which instantly gives you self-satisfaction immensely.

If not cooking and serving, any social work is also a good choice to kill the negativity within us.

5. Start reading positive phrases or quotes

Start reading as many as positive phrases or quotes daily as they help to bring a positive attitude in you.

If possible, stick positive quotations on our laptop, mirror or on the fridge door as you can go through them frequently when in house.

Even you can find numerous positive quotes on the internet, just go through them and keep the mind and the surrounding atmosphere calm and quiet.

6. Singing

If you are unable to carry the burden of stress and negativity within you, just start singing whatever you want/can loudly, it will provide amazing stress relief to you.

Even if you are not good with the lyrics, it is not at all a problem as you are singing the song for yourself and just enjoy it with a joyful mood.


Negative thinking has become a major concern among the current generation youth and working citizen for various reasons, to overcome it just practice the above-mentioned simple and easy steps to inbuilt positive energy which eventually converts into positive thoughts and bring much-needed peace in you, concludes business Astrologer Hirav Shah.