Park Jae-sang (Korean: 박재상; Hanja: 朴載相, IPA: [pɐk̚.t͡ɕεsɐŋ]; born December 31, 1977), known professionally as Psy (stylized in all caps as PSY) (싸이; /saɪ/ SY; Korean: [s͈ai]), is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Psy is known domestically for his humorous videos and stage performances, and internationally for his hit single “Gangnam Style”. The song’s refrain was entered into The Yale Book of Quotations as one of the most famous quotations of 2012.

PSY’s birth number is 31, 3+1 = 4, which is ruled by Rahu. His destiny number is 3+1+1+2+1+9+7+7 = 31, 3+1 = 4 which means PSY is double-ruled by Rahu.

On October 23, 2012, Psy met United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the UN Headquarters where Ban expressed his desire to work with the singer because of his “unlimited global reach”. On December 21, 2012, his music video for “Gangnam Style” exceeded one billion views on YouTube, becoming the first video to do so in the website’s history. Psy was subsequently recognized by the media as the “King of YouTube”. On May 31, 2014, the video for Psy’s “Gangnam Style” hit two billion views. As of November 2020, it is the eighth most-viewed video on YouTube, with over 3.8 billion views.

In December 2012, MTV noted Psy’s rise from being little known outside South Korea, to being hailed as the “Viral Star of 2012”. On December 31, 2012, Psy performed in a globally televised New Year’s Eve celebration with American rapper MC Hammer on-stage in front of a live audience of over a million people in Times Square, New York City.

Future of PSY in 2021

Psy is entering the 44th year of his life, 4+4 = 8 which is ruled by Saturn.
PSY’s Zodiac sign is Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn.
1, 2, 7 are the lucky numbers number 4.
2021 adds to 5 and is ruled by Mercury.
Hirav Shah says, “2021 will be an extreme year either way, extremely positive or uncertain. It’s also a favorable year for expressing his creativity.”
Business Astrologer Hirav Shah predicts, “PSY will create more record-breaking music in coming years!”
Wishing the very talented and unique PSY a very happy and musical birthday!

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Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons